The UAE launched 22 development and development projects in Lebanon


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Beirut – Badi Karhani, (Agencies)

United Arab Emirates Ambassador to the Republic of Lebanon HE Dr. Mohammed Saeed Al Shamsi inaugurated 22 development and development projects and laid the foundation stone for two projects in North and Akkar, under the protection of Prime Minister Saad Hariri, and public and mass media mobilization, Sheikha Fatima's campaign for early detection of women and children was also examined in the city of Mahmara-Akkar.

"The leadership in the UAE attaches great importance to this health, development and education project because the UAE is a fan of this country and always strives to serve humanity through its programs," Ambassador Al Shamsi said in a speech.

"We cannot thank the leadership in the Sheikha Fatima campaign," said Mouin Maroubi, minister of state for displaced people in Lebanon.

During his visit, Ambassador Al-Shamsi examined "Sheikha Fatima's Early Detection Campaign for Women and Children" at the third stop after the Bekaa, Jib Jenin and Tripoli, where the Al-Muhamara-Akkar Municipality hosted a humanitarian humanitarian convoy in before Minister Moin Al-Marabi, Al-Qaytaa Ahmed Al-Meer, crowds of actors, mayors and mukhtar and crowds of Lebanese and Syrians.

The campaign aims to reach 1,000 women, children and parents with the participation of doctors, volunteers, nurses and administrators at the joint initiative of Zayed Al Atta, the General Women's Union and the Lebanese Volunteer Center, in recognition of the role of the UAE pioneers in alleviating the suffering of patients. In various countries in the world and spread healthy awareness and culture among people and society.

Then there was a tent tour specifically designed to carry out a medical campaign, where Al Shamsi was briefed on the progress of work, tests and health services provided by Al-Shamsi.


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