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The Union Newspaper – Ahmed bin Saeed diversification Flydubai fleet in the said




Visitors to the exhibition of the pavilion (photo Ihsan Naji)

Visitors to the exhibition of the pavilion (photo Ihsan Naji)

Mustafa Azim (The Union)

His Highness Sheikh Ahmed bin Saeed Al Maktoum, Chairman and Chief Executive Emirates Airline and Group, Chairman of the fly, said the Boeing 737 Crisis Max opened the way for all the options that can be directed to the company in the future, including diversification option fleet including aircraft by Airbus.
He explained HRH in a statement to the press in the Emirates pavilion at the Arabian Travel Market, the «Fly Dubai has a big order in the future 737 Max forbidden model works at the moment, and can not predict when they return to work again and the degree of a company influence" noting that "this command opens the area for discussions with Airbus and will give us an extra option," pointing out that "the company should consider other options" and "what their options open when it comes to the Boeing 737 Max" .
"Union" was published in mid-March, and after an exacerbation of the aircraft "Max 737" crisis investigative press, which called for an expert in the field of air tanker aircraft based in its fleet to a single model to the need to rethink its strategy for the fleet, and work to include diversification various models of the aircraft industry, in order to avoid any negative effects that may arise as a result of the suspension of a single user style to force majeure or precautionary ban similar to flying a Boeing 737 Max 8 and Max 9 after two incidents air Ethiopian Airlines, air and air Leo Indonesia.
With regard to the Emirates, His Highness showed the group recorded positive results for the 2018-2019 fiscal year and ends on March 31, 2019, despite the problems faced by the aviation industry over the past period, especially for fuel, which is not It can be controlled and predictable prices, and large fluctuations in exchange rates, pointing out that it will be announced in the near future these results.
He noted that the company is in ongoing discussions with the producers in order to meet the future needs of the aircraft, pointing out that the decision of the recent Airbus in the Airbus A380 to terminate production for Emirates payment to consider other options for the future, noting that at present the company operates 109 aircraft A380 to rise to 123 aircraft with the completion of the rest of the vehicle was ordered, which was finally agreed, noting that this model will remain until 2030.
He noted that since a & # 39; waking to terminate the A380 aircraft announced that the Emirates order for 40 aircraft Airbus A330-900 and 30 A350-900 aircraft, the airline will begin to receive the new generation aircraft with effect from 2021, noting that the company will be in the middle of next year, X-777 the first aircraft of its orders and 150 aircraft, and planes are characterized as large-capacity crowd.
His Highness said that Emirates Airline, transporting 59 million passengers during the past year continue to invest in products that keep pace with the expectations and aspirations of future travelers to ensure best captured in the air transport sector, highlighting the continuation of this approach as one of the priorities an airline that is committed to providing superior tourist class plans.
He expected that his coverage of the overall network to "Emirates" and "Fly Dubai" from 2022 to 240 destinations, pointing out that the partnership achieved results exceeded all expectations, emphasizing the importance of the Chinese market for Emirates Airline, which will be part of the demand on air transport system on the new silk Road, pointing out that the airline expects to increase the number of flights in China, as well as directions, adding that the airline continues to negotiate to get more air traffic on regional and Int native markets, pointing out that the protectionist policy affects growth.

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