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The vaccine against colon cancer successfully pass the first test | Women and Health


Succeeded in the United States in the first phase of human trials for the vaccine stimulates the immune system to destroy cancer cells of the intestine.

And invented a vaccine expert Thomas Jefferson University. Work to stimulate the body's immune system to attack and «GUCY2C» protein causes cancer.

Experts say that the own resources of the immune system, such as T-cells to fight tumors. These cells provide special receptors capable of interacting with any type of cell in which the immune system sees the threat, including cancer cells, to destroy them. Thus, the creation of this vaccine, scientists combine molecule «GUCY2» molecule anticancer «PADRE», which enhances the immune response.

Participation in the first phase 10 tests on humans patients suffering from intestinal cancer in the first stage and second. All yn & # 39; ektsyi with a single dose of vaccine, and doctors blood sample was taken after 30, 90 and 180 days.

Results of the analysis of these samples, the vaccine increases the activity of T-cells that recognize the cancer cells that were active under the influence of protein «GUCY2C», responsible for the development of colon cancer and destroy.

According to experts: "We received the first proof of the possibility to direct the body's immune system, the patient search for bowel cancer to destroy it."

Says Dr. Adam Snook, "prepare for a fun second test, where we will begin to invite the patient in the next autumn, we will make adjustments to the vaccine based on the results obtained in the first test stage, we hope that the results of the second phase will be more effective."

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