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Treatment of constipation and water sports


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Cairo – Mohammed Salah – constipation from disease affected many people and cause anxiety and tension of an infected person, and do not feel comfortable, as well as causing pain abdominal pain, a lot of damage caused by the accumulation of toxins in the body, not leaving, and this report to determine the best treatment for roads, according to the site "medicalnewstoday".

treatment of constipation

The report noted that the incidence of constipation with & # 39; is the desire to defecate, but without this happening, and it is a & # 39 is the main cause of the impact of severe pain in the abdomen, and become defecation problems faced by the people want to avoid them process.

The report noted that there is a lot of advice offered by those who suffer from constipation, and wants to get rid of this problem, and this is due to follow some important tips that will greatly contribute to the elimination of this, including:

treatment of constipation

– You can eat some herbs, which contribute largely to get rid of constipation, containing a high proportion of fiber, these drinks play an important role in the elimination of this, so that you can with the & # 39; is, anise and cumin.

– Eating too much fiber-rich foods like cucumbers, lettuce, oranges, grapefruits, all products significantly contribute to move the bowel movement, so you have these foods 3 times eating a day, you can while eating breakfast option put or salad with it, have a cup of orange juice after lunch for two hours, and this limits the damage sharply constipation and works to treat this problem.

treatment of constipation

on the & # 39; shew

– exercise and movement on a regular basis, and the best advice that contribute largely to move the bowels, as well as reduce the incidence of constipation, so you every day to walk half an hour a day, it is much spend on constipation.

– drink 3 liters of water throughout the day, one of the best tricks, which contribute significantly to move the bowels, which works to get rid of toxins, relieve constipation dramatically.

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