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Union newspaper – "violation" is a discussion forum on intellectual property




Fruitful discussions during the Second Forum on Intellectual Property (source)

Fruitful discussions during the Second Forum on Intellectual Property (source)

Dubai (Union)

Organizers of the National Olympic Academy, the second Forum on Intellectual Property in the field of sport under the name of "defending against attacks on players and the sports facilities and the right institutions' employees of the club Police in Dubai.
He took part in the activities of the Forum, Ahmed Al Kamali Counselor, Chairman of the Federation of Athletics, and Mohammed Bin Darwish, executive director of the National Olympic Committee and Brig. Gen. Abdul Malik Gianni, director of the National Olympic Academy, as well as a number of representatives of the academic and sports authorities in the country.
I saw for the first day of the forum discussed many topics and issues of intellectual property rights such as intellectual property personal qualities of well-known athletes, represented by Dr. Ali Hassan Salman, Deputy Chief Executive Officer of Oman Insurance, as well as the role of the intellectual property community in the field of protection of intellectual rights property in the sport, which was considered by Dr. Abdurahman diamond secretary of the Assembly, in addition to the lecture given by Dubai Customs director Bakker favorite sections awareness of Dubai Customs, lectures and the economic value of brands and methods of protection in the state, and provided Aida Nubani from the Ministry of Economy.
Dr. Naji Ismail, Director of the Technical Department Award, Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Sports Foundation also discussed the ownership of the Olympic sport of creation, and maintain a global system of intellectual property athletes.
I saw the second day of the inspection of various lectures, where he presented Dr Mohammed Fadlallah sports adviser for General Administration of Sports and the working document on the legislative framework for the protection of the rights and trademarks in the field of sport, as well as an overview of Mohamed Kamal from Nike relationship between ownership and sports products intelligent and Dr. Ashraf Amen had a professional in the field of legal regulation, while Basil Turks, executive director of the company and the regional police department and the company International, discussed the role of intellectuals Noah ownership impact on sports results and related products.
Outdoor Brigadier Malik Drive forum, welcoming those present at the scientific event, which addresses a number of important issues related to intellectual property and its relation to the athlete, and emphasized keenness to enhance academic research partnerships; the purpose of the sport movement in the service of the state, and said: "Our concern at the Academy from the first moment on the content of the partnership with specialists in all areas in order to benefit from their experience in the field of science courses and activities that we organize throughout the year, a worthy experience, trust and specialization, reflecting the role of academic interest in the conduct of successful partnerships ever, and I take this opportunity to express my gratitude to the roof Khalfan intellectual property Center and the Emirates society for intellectual property , Led by Major General Dr. Abdul Quddus Abdul Razzaq Alobaidly on a prominent role and their contribution to the venerable in this vital area, as well as elite professors who reviewed the study for two days, and the analysis and discussion of the 8 important topics of possession importance intelligent various sports facilities, brands and sports, as well as questions about the tradition of sporting goods.
Major General Dr. Abdulkuddous Abdul Razak Alobaidly head of intellectual property at the opening of the forum, which coincides with the celebration of World Intellectual Property Organization "WIPO" World Intellectual Property Day, entitled "Intellectual Property and Sports – Gold efforts" to encourage the organization to pay attention to creativity and innovation in the field of sport and the catalytic role of this important and vital games and intellectual property laws for the protection of creativity and innovation in the field of sports systems "right John elektualnay property are considered the main engine to enjoy watching both local and international sports events and allow us to see the games and various sports competitions and play these rights a positive role in the development of sport and promote innovation in the field of sport, as WIPO has shown this year that the US sits Nike list of PCT international patent applications related to sport in WIPO, was published by WIPO in 2018 in 2078, related to the applications team sport based on the WIPO patent cooperation Treaty " .
Alobaidly explained that the huge investments affected by the sports companies in wearable technologies are widely used in sports equipment Smart equipped with sensors and its role in preventing the athletes from injury, and monitor and improve their efficiency and technologies motivational owners helped in the implementation, ranging from advanced industrial batches, which lead to the satellite, which directs athletes blind navigation systems, as well as to achieve productivity and enhance their ability to beat the p cords.
Alobaidly noted that the UAE attaches great importance to the protection of creativity Sports, where he regularly held the most important sports stadiums of the world sporting events in the last World Championship game Special Olympics – in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi and the football championship of Asia, providing huge investment in innovative technologies and add the unique experience of fans and the relationship more closely what happens in sports stadiums.

Reviewed by Dr. Ali Hassan Salman in his lecture, a statement broadcast the Olympic Games in Beijing, which provided TV signals from all Olympic on & # 39 facilities, providing 60 employees and 1,000 cameras and 575 recorder digital movies and 350 trailers for broadcasting, post session of the Beijing Games body board, and 62 trucks for broadcasting abroad, as well as an overview of the statistical broadcast television channels, which account for about 60% of the income derived from the Tour de France, which is broadcast in the rights of more than 180 countries.

awareness campaign
He considered the favorite Bakker role of Dubai Customs in protecting sports brand by organizing seminars intellectual property work in the UAE and the Council of the Gulf Co-operation in the period from 2006 – 2019 in order to run educational and information campaigns carried out by brand owners or their customers, to learn how to distinguish between the original tags and imitation, and see the production lines, in the appendix to the allocation of intellectual property in Dubai customs Award for universities and schools which hoplivae period from 2007 – 2018 year and aims to stimulate creativity and innovation among students, as well as many design brochures, running or electronic games for children around the world to define intellectual property rights.

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