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Urgent Arabic script to save the region


Sheds Post / Syria / whine a number of experts in the field of politics and economy in Egypt, the importance of the 30th Arab Summit, which will take place today in Tunisia, which passes under the Arab political conditions faced by unusual states of the region and to discuss many more files. Experts stressed in his speech on «Okaz» the importance of & # 39; unification of the Arab nation, particularly in light of the expectations of the presence of most of the Arab summit leaders, calling for an in the need to keep a number of issues in the region, particularly the Palestinian issue, as well as a number of regional issues emergency plans.

According to the Egyptian Foreign Minister and former ambassador Parliamentary Mohamed Orabi, he said that the Arab summit in Tunisia is facing a serious & # 39; serious problems, pointing out that it is time to collect Arabic taken & # 39; unity in the face all problems of transparency in the whole process and output solutions that will help to resolve the situation and the difficulties faced by the region, noting officials stressed in his speech to them keenness on the unity of the Arab summit in coordination with the General secretariat of the Arab League etc. zyarzhav, stressing the need to remain "Palestinian" focal concerns of the summit in Tunis during the summit "Dhahran" in the UK, which was launched on the summit "Jerusalem" and to provide all forms of support for the father and uncle of the Arab cause, and the output from the decision that the interest of the nation.

On the presence of Syria summit Arabi said that this is unlikely, and this gives rise to leaders during the Summit, which will have the final decision, pointing out that Syria will return to its natural place in the League of Arab States, may be achieved in the course of the 31 th summit in Algiers in 2020, and added that there are several files during the Arab summit on the situation in Yemen and Libya, as well as a number of political, economic and other files of interest to the countries of the region.

For his part, Dr. Tarek Fahmy, professor of political science at the American University believes that the Arab people before the fateful decisions and circumstances of exceptional critical and should be a positive interaction with the resolutions of the Tunis Summit in order to get out of a dangerous moment, pointing out that the summit a number of important files, including the national security of the Arab countries in the face of challenges and risks associated with developments in the region, as well as the crisis in the Arab region and the Arab role on this, especially in the the situation in Yemen, Libya, Syria and Israel, the escalation in Palestine, as well as cooperation between the Arab side and units, and other events, as well as the factor with the problems of terrorism and efforts to combat the drying and funding sources, the Iranian measures aimed at splitting the Arab ranks and the creation of expansion projects at the expense of the Arabs and their rights and stability of their peoples, the three UAE islands occupied by Iran, which, along with the development of the Arab League and its agencies file and economic cooperation.

While Dr. Fakhri al-Feki economics professor, economics and political science department at Cairo University, emphasizes the need to take advantage of during these Arab summits on development of cooperation of the Arab economy, strengthening the integration and creation of joint ventures, as well as the achievement of social and economic Arab development as well as the establishment of industrial projects, job creation and the achievement of Arab economic development, and to contribute to improving the economic conditions of the Arab as well as with other Gogh sides called for an intensification of Arab economic commissions, particularly the Arab common market, and focus on mutual recognition in the specifications and standards among Arab countries, as well as the integration of Arab investment projects during the official channels, as well as reduce the cycle of violence in some Arab countries, as well as the opening of border crossings for the flow of goods.

He stressed the importance of Fecamp Arab security cooperation and end the differences "Arab – Arab" as the economic development of the gates, and the conflicts that have taken place in a number of countries in the region to the destruction of infrastructure, and on the other hand stressed the importance of resolving the crises affecting some Arab countries, as well as in particular, Yemen, Syria and Libya.

Source: newspaper Okaz

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