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"AvtoVAZ" plans to finalize the present SUV Lada 4×4


Classical "Niva", which AvtoVAZ produces a more modern name of LADA 4×4, there is on the market for almost 50 years.

The new generation of LADA 4 × 4 are planning to build on the Renault / Dacia Duster platform, but until that time it will take two to three years. So that the Russian automaker has decided to modernize the SUV, preparing a list of a number of small modifications, according Lada.onlayn.

AvtoVAZ engineer was tasked to set LADA 4 × 4 switch wiper when the washer light system off when you turn off the ignition, put, finally, "quiet" an oven and implement filter the air entering the cabin.

In addition, it is planned to put in a 4×4 more ergonomic gearshift lever, door cards be adapted for the installation of the speakers, set the armrest of the driver, as well as to certify the tire for the more common sizes to be able to install a plant.

As you can see, a lot of improvements, and do not require large financial investments in the modernization of the car so as not to raise the price tag. As for the suspension, engine and gearbox – all will remain the same.

To market the new product will be released in the 2021-2022 year. In this case, the current generation of machines will be produced up to this time.


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