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Awakening of the Red Planet: Mars was the first earthquake in history


Seismograph of SEIS, delivered by the French NASA InSight probe recorded the first-ever earthquake on Mars. Experts reported that seismic activity is marked as a weak but clear. Separately mentioned that these shocks – this is the first on record that are not caused by external conditions (wind, etc)., And the internal processes of the Red Planet.

InSight probe

This event confirmed the many theories of experts from the Far Eastern Association of Science UFO Martian activity, as well as its connection with the processes on Earth.

Specialist Dow has shared the results of research:

"Contrary to the known science data, the planet of the solar system are closely linked not only to solar activity and the forces of attraction. A careful study of the planets surface helped to draw certain conclusions. Some of them have been inhabited in ancient times. The processes that led to the destruction of life on these planets may be a threat to Earth. Mars is really awake. "

SEIS seismograph

Scientists were able to determine that life existed on Mars, Venus and Titan – the largest moon of Saturn. Thousands of years ago the planet orbits are much closer to the earth. Thanks to this planet were comfortable for living species temperature.

SEIS seismograph

Ufologists believe that life humanoid or animal species on the planet destroyed cataclysm planetary scale. Theory confirmed world experts, among them – the famous Taiwanese cosmologist Scott Waring. He is convinced that the Red Planet earlier inhabit advanced civilization. She died due to planetary disaster or global war.

According to NASA, 2016 was played out on Mars dust storm that engulfed the entire planet. As a consequence of this has been lost communication with the rover Opportunity. After a few years on Mars first earthquake recorded, which is caused by the internal tectonic processes.

Dust storm on Mars

In December last year InSight probe landed on Mars to study the tectonic processes of Mars and other planets. It is tempting to suggest experts that NASA knows what awaits the Earth. Perhaps, the agency is studying purposefully threat, keeping it a secret.

Everything that happens on other planets, can catch our own, because all of the elements of the solar system are interrelated.

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