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Became known the price of Galaxy S10 5G


The flagship of the Samsung Galaxy S10 5G is the first model of the company that supports the 5G network. As promised, the arrival of the smartphone in the sale will be held on 5 April.

Named the price of a new model of the South Korean company. It is reported that soon will be released in two versions: Samsung Galaxy S10 5G 8 GB of RAM and 265 GB of flash memory, as well as the gadget with a double on the & # 39 – 512 GB. Price is known for both, according to

According to preliminary data, the model with the smaller of the & # 39 memory can be purchased for 1224 dollars, and with the increased – for 1370 dollars. However, there is another prediction. According to media reports, the new smartphone price will reach $ 1,700, and will not fall below. It is known that on April 5 the flagship will be available only to, not only in the domestic market of South Korea, but also in others.

According to experts, the estimated price is within reason. Representatives of the company said that by April 16 together with a smartphone as a gift will go a few elements: headphones Galaxy Buds, wireless charging, and even a 50% discount on a replacement screen for the first year of operation. It is known that the device has a 6.7-inch screen, a powerful process, and rapid charging function.

Members have had time to discuss their impressions of the new model. It is noteworthy that some unhappy gadget size, and for a long time. They stressed that they do not like to carry in your pocket mini-tablet "The farther the worse. Why do they exaggerate the size of their shovels … even S7 already seems great in the hand and butt, and this … and this despite the fact that my hand is not a small "

Although it should be noted that similar comments a bit. Most people are quite enough as the characteristics and the price, considering that the smartphone is well worth the money.

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