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Cisco is launching equipment for use in Wi-Fi networks 6


Cisco Systems announced on Monday the launch of the implementation of hardware with support for Wi-Fi standards for the next generation.

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In particular, the company announced a new access points and switches for enterprises with support for Wi-Fi 6, the new standard, which is expected to be deployed by 2022. Phones, laptops and other devices that support Wi-Fi 6 can be connected to the Cisco access points in enterprise campuses and send traffic to the switch for onward dispatch to a wired network.

In fact, the Cisco joins the numerous companies that are modernizing their equipment using the new chip-based network standard Wi-Fi 802.11ax. Routers with support for Wi-Fi 6 four times superior in performance routers with support for Wi-Fi 5 (802.11ac).

6 Wi-Fi to provide a significant increase in total network capacity and reliability, as well as increase the speed, performance and capacity of wireless networks in the home and in the workplace. Cisco noted that the deployment of Internet of Things (IoT) means that in the future we will have billions of devices connected to the Internet, and the network infrastructure must keep pace with the times.

Cisco Meraki access point, and a new generation of Catalyst and Catalyst 9600 switches are already available for pre-order. Before running the access points with support for Wi-Fi 6, the Cisco company has tested their compatibility with Broadcom, Intel and the Samsung, to eliminate the inherent problems associated with the use of the new standard. As expected, Samsung, Boingo, GlobalReach, Presidio, and other companies have joined the project Cisco OpenRoaming, to solve one of the suras & # 39; oznyh wireless problems. The objective of this project & # 39 is to simplify and secure seamless switching between mobile and Wi-Fi-networks.

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