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EK waterblock for releasing plated Titan RTX / News /


To date, Titan RTX with & # 39 is the most powerful consumer accelerator Nvidia and is positioned as a solution for the study of artificial intelligence, as well as high-end gaming systems. Of course, the cost of the device fully complies with high-sounding title "the fastest ever built graphics cards for PC" – 2500 dollars.

Titan RTX

The EK Water Blocks felt it was wrong to release full-cover water block for a video of the usual combinations of materials, whether nickel / acetal or copper / acrylic. For owners of Titan RTX Slovenian manufacturer LSS prepared "Vatera» EK-Vector RTX Titan with gold-plated elements.

EK-Vector RTX Titan

Base EK-Vector RTX Titan, as in other similar water-block, made from copper and is contacted with the graphics processor, memory chips and components GDDR6 supply circuits. However, instead of a conventional coating of nickel gilding is used, which gives effective water block form.

EK-Vector RTX Titan

Outer part "Vatera" and block inlet holes made on the NC lathe polyformaldehyde (acetal). An LED RGB-lights «TITAN» logo located at the end, and for integration into the LSS circuit size needed fittings G1 / 4 Note that the new product can be installed on a video card GeForce RTX 2080 Ti, using the reference design board.

EK-Vector RTX Titan

Waterblock EK-Vector RTX Titan is available for pre-order at EK Water Blocks online store at the price of € 210. His fifth deliveries will begin in April.

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