Monday , April 12 2021

Elon Musk ready to fly to Mars

Founder of SpaceX Elon Musk declared its readiness to fly to Mars. On his plans to fly into space inventor, he told the publication Axius.

"I appreciate that I can self fly to Mars, the probability of 70%. I'm talking about the cost of the" ticket "to several hundred thousand dollars. But likely to die on Mars or during the flight is much higher than on Earth. While we can not fully assess the risk to human life when traveling through the Far space ", – the businessman said.

It is known that the founder of SpaceX announced before the beginning of the Mars colonization program in 2022, and the ship with live astronauts planned to send there in 2024. The company has presented the concert to suit Martian condition.

Earlier Elon Musk experienced Hyperloop before opening.

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