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Ethereum begins to give way to competitors |


Several experts kriptovalyutnoy industry expressed the view that the Ethereum began to lose ground, and decentralized application developers are considering competing solutions.

In recent years, developers are trying to run an application on blokcheynah EOS and Tron. At the same time, only 28% of users choose applications based on the Ethereum. Nearly half – 48% – use the platform created on the EOS blokcheyne, while Tron drew 24% of users.

However, the number of applications running Ethereum remains the leader – 40% of the running in January platforms started on this blokcheyne.

"The reality is that a year ago, the developers had no choice. Now there is such a choice, "- said co-founder of hedge fund Multicoin Capital Management Kyle Samani (Kyle Samani).

Experts note that the unit in Ethereum network is created every 13 seconds, and this figure is inferior to competing solutions, in which a transaction confirmation takes place in less than one second. Commission Ethereum network also remain relatively high in comparison with competitors.

"Owning ether now – is to show faith in the future of the network. Competing platforms attract developers, and those in turn – users of its applications, and this may adversely affect the value of the ether ", – said the founder of the hedge fund kriptovalyutnogo Ikigai Travis King (Travis King).

Co-founder Ethereum Acne Buterin (Vitalik Buterin) knows about the change of development priorities, but does not see anything unusual.

"Yes, blokcheyn lost some share of the benefits, but I think it was inevitable, so Ethereum really was the first platform for smart contracts," – he said.

Earlier it was reported that 87% of all decentralized application was launched on blokcheyne Ethereum, but 83% of them do not have users, and 93% of the applications do not generate transaction.

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