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Familiar Gubin told what now lives actor


April 30 star 90 Andrey Gubin celebrates his birthday – the actor turns 45 years old. When the singer was rich and famous, but after leaving the scene has changed – the money was less. Now, with the former luxury in Gubin was only a flat in Moscow Olkhovskiy street.

His luxury fleet – two "Mercedes" and the Porsche Carrera – actor sold immediately after the tour activities, tell his friends.

According to them, Now Andrew is living solely on royalties. Gubin songs rotated in the air almost every day, so the money the artist will likely suffice, noted composer Taras Vaschinin. He also added that recently tried to persuade the singer to write a new song, but at the last moment he flew to Thailand.

Gubin then moved to Sochi. To live in his own hotel he was invited by the producer group "Tender May" Andrei Razin.

"And while he was living with friends, riding a bicycle, no one speaks. Him a lot of money to be happy is not necessary – it always settles in friends "- quoted Razin newspaper" Komsomolskaya Pravda ".

Earlier television producer told about the secret romance Andrei Gubin and Jeanne Friske. By the way, Gubin wrote for the singer her biggest hit.

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