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"First Look" for Peugeot 508: Design fangs, night vision, massage – and 772 thousand UAH..


"First Look

Meet the new Peugeot 508! The other day was the first presentation of the trends driving, which claims the laurels of the most "design" and emotional in its class. But besides the design of the new Peugeot 508 has also advanced technologies: 8 Art. "Automatic", a night vision system, multi-zone massage seats. Which ultimately is the Peugeot 508, how much is going – a report-dating "at a glance" format.

The new Peugeot 508 – what is it?

This "fastback". At least, so say the representatives of the company. Visually, the body resembles a sedan with a separately-acting luggage, but the lid is opened together with the glass: just remember the Audi A5 Sportback or SKODA Octavia / Superb (although the story is true Ukrainian car industry knew and similar vehicles). If competently to take this opportunity, it is possible to & # 39; to combine a cool dynamic profile and excellent practicality: proven Audi A5 Sportback.

And now – and the Peugeot 508! After all, he was clearly trying to aim towards the audience "premium German" rather than an "ordinary Czechs." The sloping roof and frameless side windows evoke thoughts of a coupe, dynamic appearance supports a wide "hip" wheel arches. Most of all, of course, remembered his nose narrower headlights and sharp edge of the bonnet reminiscent of the Peugeot 504, and the "teeth" of daytime running lights take out the phrase "saber-toothed lion" of the brain (in general, "tiger", but in the case of Peugeot – "Lion") .

Last Peugeot 508 sedan was a real, new Peugeot 508 only visually similar to the sedan, but really with & # 39 fastback is: sloping roof and a short "tail" of the boot, a huge cover panel from the rear edge of the roof to the edge of the bumper. The design of many bright parts: fangs, headlights and bonnet sharp edge with the model name, frameless "squat" of glass, elegant edging last rear window-box, concave waist line from the center of the front door, shaded lights with thin stripes, size, about & # 39 voluminous wheel arches …

Contrary to current trends, the novelty of the former was smaller: length 4750 mm (-80 mm) 2793 mm wheelbase (-27 mm), width 1907 mm, height of 1403 mm. Particular attention is paid to the small height, roof profiles, strong inclination rear pillars – these decisions must convince that this is a fashion now "5-door coupe." With this new Peugeot 508 provides a full 5-seat lounge, and increased trunk from 487 liters (14 l) to 1537 L with the folded rear seat. The word "fastback" is justified.

Such changes – credit EMR2 platform where now built a lot of modern cars of Peugeot and Citroen. This platform is known the possibility of achieving horoshegobalansa comfort and handling, the ability to integrate a large number of auxiliary wheels (tiering control, adaptive "cruise", auto-valet). As well as the widespread use of the semi-independent rear suspension, sometimes even on a rather large and expensive cars – remember the Peugeot 5008. But this share surpassed the new Peugeot 508: a rare case of using a fully independent rear suspension in the EMR2 platform.

The whole interior concept iCockpit familiar from the time of Peugeot 3008 the second generation, the novelty Peugeot 508 demonstrates new ideas embodiments: narrow vents blowing, high 2-storey center console with a niche-shelf for small items. Front roomy and comfortable: great seats with improved lateral support, concave roof lining provides extra clearance for the head. But to the back row have questions: lower body and slant of the roof were not in vain – the stock over the head a little bit (with the growth of 1,7-1,75 m fine, with an increase of 1.85 m people have touched the tip of the ceiling), but the knees spacious, in the same week Peugeot 508 with its plump seats. An example of courage French: optional red leather (at no extra cost for the top version). The trunk is slightly larger (487-1537 liters) with a decrease in the size of the car – thanks EMR2 platform. the luggage rack hooked to the cover and rises with it.

And Peugeot 508 introduces an important innovation in the class and for the brand as a whole – it is a system of night vision! The infrared camera has a range of 15-200 m and at speeds up to 160 km / h This camera recognizes pedestrians and animals, after which the system gives a warning for 12.3-inch LCD panel devices. However, the test car (Allure equipment) was deprived of his night vision system and I did not appreciate her work. Be sure to return to this question on the example of another version of the Peugeot 508.

In all other corporate developments on the ground: salon i-Cockpit with a small wheel, two displays (the instrument panel and the central touchscreen), a button-key style 'lion claws', L-shaped automatic transmission selector, front seats with 8-itinerant passage. There are changes on the little things: the central touch-screen display is wider, the buttons below it – is sharper and next to the selector "machine" with a & # 39 there was a complete change in the key driving modes.

already accustomed to – as the dashboard Peugeot 12.3-inch color display with multiple feed information embodiments. In addition to night vision systems, there is another novelty – a switch drive modes Drive Mode. Previously, there was only a button Sport, Now has three separate modes: Eco / Norm / Sports. The central display is wider (currently a maximum of 10 inches) and slightly turn to the driver below it – highlighted the sharp claws keys.

The new platform also allowed alleviate some novelty: 1420-1535 kg depending on the engine under the hood. Front independent suspension uses MacPherson, rear multi-link independent set. Engines – inline four turbo one petrol (150 hp), two diesel engines (130 or 180 hp); plus only front wheel drive and automatic transmission (6-st., or 8-in.), "Mechanics" in Ukraine will not. And what will happen?

Versions and prices: three motors, two "machine" from 772 thousand UAH.

Our Peugeot 508 is offered with three engines to choose from two types of automatic transmission, in three trim levels – with five options. range of Peugeot 508 offers a complete set ActiveSix airbags, Electronic Stability System, cruise control, interior i-Cockpit with instruments LCD panel, 2-zone "climate", 16-inch alloy wheels, heated front seats, 8-inch touch screen with support for Apple CarPlay technologies and Android Auto. However, "in the database" established conventional headlights (halogen) and lacks the touch unlocking the door, although the engine start – button. Such a vehicle with a gasoline engine version 1.6 PureTech (150 hp) and 6-art. Automatic transmission is estimated at least 772 thousand. UAH. or about $ 28.5 thousand., A similar version 1.5 turbodiesel BlueHDI (130 hp) and 8 v. Automatic starts from 808.5 thousand. UAH. or almost $ 30 thousand.

medium Options Allure adds to the above the following: a rearview camera, 17-inch alloy wheels, keyless entry, full LED headlights Full LED with a "light side", 10-inch touch screen in the cabin. This assembly is represented with two diesel engines, depending on which and the price changes: 1.5 BlueHDI (130 hp) and 8 v. Automatic transmission – from 873.5 thousand. UAH. or almost $ 32.5 thous., or 2.0 BlueHDI (180 hp) and 8 v. Automatic transmission – from 925.5 thousand. UAH. or just over $ 34 thousand.

At the top range version is one – but especially the most powerful 2-liter turbo diesel 180 hp plus a complete set of GT-Line: recognition of traffic signs, active monitoring "blind spot" rear-view mirrors, power trunk lid with touch opening, front seats with massage, pack i-Cockpit Amplify, leather Nappa, wireless charging for smartphones, 18-inch wheels . The cost of the 180-strong Peugeot 508 GTLine – from 1.022 million. UAH. or almost $ 38 thousand.

different versions Peugeot 508 (blue car in the middle of a complete set) differ markedly not only equipment or engines, but also appearance: grille, wheels, headlights and lights, rear bumper and exhaust pipes. versions GT (Red car) and GTLine (White car) visual as similar, but full GT-model we do not: it is too difficult to setup adapt Ukrainian roads. Viewed from the & # 39; the emergence of more powerful engines from GT-version (up to 220 hp), but it is a distant prospect. Nearest summer new clothes – Expansion options due to "pan" (a large sunroof 690h560 mm). It is also an open question at the expense of stylish wagon Peugeot 508 SWWho can become a worthy rival Mazda6 SW. By the way, about the competitors …

Though Peugeot 508 "plays" in a fairly universal middle class, key competitors had a bit: we have the majority of customers better give $ 25-40 thousand for the crossover – that such market realities.. As a result, "people» D-E-segment has more than a dozen important models: Toyota Camry, Mazda6, VW Passat, VW Arteon, Ford Mondeo, Opel Insignia (now a competitor-relative), SKODA Superb, KIA Optima. A real competitors at all three: two "Japanese", a "German" – whether we should call them? …

"The Frenchman," relies on the economical diesel engines (no wonder four out of five versions with diesel), advanced equipment (night vision, massage, i-Cockpit). And, of course, on the original design: catchy "fangs" headlights, sloping roof, frameless windows, large wheels, lights in the style of "the claws of a lion" – perhaps the most "striking" the car in the class! sales plan – 120 cars before the end of the year: a little bit, but these figures should already provide entry into the Top 5 segment «D + E» at the end of 2019. Already in the future it will be possible to increase sales at the expense of diversity versions. But as long as the basis of the sight on the client-private traders who buy the car for yourself and pay attention to the emotional component: focus on the maximum motor, as well as a complete set Allure and GT-Line. But here's the key question – will meet the expectations?

First impressions at the wheel of the new Peugeot 508

My test car during the presentation was the Peugeot 508 with a 2-liter diesel engine of 180 "horses" in the configuration Allure: the most powerful engine and, potentially, the best-selling equipment (above it only GT-Line). It is possible that this is the optimal combination of not only in terms of sales but also in terms of ride quality.

The test car during the presentation – Peugeot 508 Allure with the 2-liter diesel engine: this is potentially a bunch must be the main sales model. The only important point: instead of 17-inch wheels (standard on Allure) The optional 18-inch.

On this Peugeot 508 can smoothly maneuver in a subtle engine puffing and a maximum-soft, imperceptible gear changes "machine". The thrust of a large diesel engine even at low engine speeds is quite enough for acceleration within the urban flow, and a small wheel sets subconsciously feeling acuity: slightly moved his hands, almost turned the steering wheel – and the car is already rearranged in rows or passes denouement. Of course, many of the joints, holes visible (hello, spring road!) – here a slap of tires, here a little kick in the salon. But the suspension is quiet and does not go beyond what is permitted in matters of rigidity. Despite the fact that the car was on the optional 18-inch wheels and 17-inch full-time, it seems, can reduce or completely remove these comments to the comfort. I am glad that the perception of the suspension does not change the location of the people: in the rear seats is not excessive shaking than the front.

On-road vehicle dynamics demonstrates admirable when overtaking: on the & # 39; volume turbo diesel and 400 Nm – is power! And yet – the silence: even at speeds well over a hundred motor runs quietly, making your way to the salon only during acceleration in the "gas to the floor" style. On the whole, the car went pretty quiet: the sound of the rolling wheels, the engine, through the air the most muted and balanced against each other, there are no objections to the aerodynamics and sounds from the frameless windows. The fuel consumption is difficult to say – our main route is along the route Kharkiv-Kiev, where fuel consumption was set quality of road and speed limit sign: 5.5 liters per 100 kilometers when driving at speeds up to 100 km / h to 6.5 -7 liters per 100 km while riding on the edge of the allowed limits. Fuel consumption in the city and did not say: the small passages in Kharkov and Kiev significant in matters of the suspension or of the dynamics at the start of the traffic lights, but do not give understanding of the average urban consumption. Let us leave this talk of the future.

Turbodiesel (180 hp and 400 Nm) is good during acceleration at a medium pace, happy accelerations on the move while driving on the highway. However, when 0-100 km / h with the pedal "the floor" shows only 9.6 seconds if the promised 9.4 seconds. On the other hand – the car was on winter tires, asphalt – dusty and cold. In the summer of hope for a better result. Interestingly, as the turbo-petrol will go? Because it is only under the hood 150 hp, but the car lighter by 115 kg – resulting promised acceleration 0-100 km / h for 8.9 seconds. By "automatic" there are no comments: quick and smooth gear changes.

Results and conclusions

The strength of the new Peugeot 508 – in its originality: it's like a breath of fresh air among the known and familiar rivals. In this case, for the originality of the vehicle does not require a fee in the form of some kind of global deprivation and restrictions: goes well, a quality interior, an adequate price tag. Mark can only tight fit back row, but still a beauty and style requires sacrifice. And believe me, fans of individuality that will not stop.

This report – this is only the "first glance", sort of love with the car. In the future, definitely try to come back to the topic of Peugeot 508 in the format of a full review: Take the second version of the car, considering the flow measure dynamics, night vision check – and tell all detail. Stay tuned!

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