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French group PSA wants to negotiate with 15-20 dealers in Russia – Vedomosti


PSA Group (owner of brands Peugeot, Citroen, DS and Opel) offers partners "in the status of authorized dealers to sell new Opel cars in the PSA group platforms and provide a wide range of services including service and warranty service, sale of spare parts," said the French company.

Among the requirements for applicants – experience in the automotive sector, a strong financial position and a desire to promote the brand Opel. Priority cities with & # 39 are Moscow, St. Petersburg, Kazan, Yekaterinburg, Ufa (total 17 cities). Dealers wishing to collaborate, can send in their PSA application with the presentation of the company and a description of the proposed location of the dealer center.

Dealers will be selling crossover Opel Grandland X, minibus Opel Zafira Life and commercial van Opel Vivaro Transporter. This requires a separate dealership, explained the representative of the PSA, range can be expanded soon. Grandland X will be imported from Germany, and the Zafira Life and Vivaro Transporter – produced at the plant "PSMA Rus" in Kaluga. Prices and equipment were not disclosed. There is no information on the plans and sales.

In the first stage, the brand will be in the Russian 15-20 dealers in the medium term, their number will double, said the automaker report published March 14. Four years ago, there were 137 Opel dealers in Russia, the brand then owned by American concern General Motors, which in 2015 announced the termination of sales and production in the Russian mass brands cars (except the Chevrolet Niva, produced by the joint venture «GM-AVTOVAZ") with – the difficult economic situation and the weakening of the ruble. Most models produced in Russia at the GM plant in St. Petersburg and "Avtotore" in Kaliningrad was the low level of localization.

On the return of the German brand in Russia PSA announced in the beginning of 2019, car sales should start already in the IV quarter. The return Opel to be held in the framework of a global PSA Push to Pass Strategy for 2019-2021 gg. One of its objectives – increasing sales by 50% outside Western Europe up to 2021 Carmaker Peugeot also returns to North America and begins to Citroen sales in India. According to general director of Opel / Vauxhall Michael Loshellera, "Russia – it is a large and attractive market with great potential, which the German brand has gained an excellent reputation."

In 2018, more than 1 million cars Opel, PSA stated in the report sold worldwide. In Russia, the best for Opel was in 2013, when it was realized 81 421 cars and the brand took 2.9% of the market. In 2018, sales of passenger cars and light commercial vehicles in Russia rose by almost 13% to 1.8 million units., The total sales of Peugeot and Citroen fell by almost 1% to 9224 units. (0.5% of the market), AEB read as data. PSA expects that in 2019 the Russian market will grow by 5%, to the company's report for 2018

Interviewees "Vedomosti" dealers, who have experience selling Opel or Peugeot and Citroen, did not receive personalized offers from PSA. According to the director "Favorite Motors" Vladimir Popov, co-operation is possible if Opel marketing positioning is important for the Russian market, and the prices will not exceed the price of equivalents from Peugeot. By themselves, the model can be in demand in Russia, the chairman of SC "Modus" board of directors Alexey Leshchenko, but to build a separate dealership for three models at the moment is not economically feasible. Consider the possibility of dealership with interest, if any specifics, says Denis Petrunina, CEO of GC "AvtoSpetsTsentr".

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