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Google updated the Camera application: we understand that the new


The Google Camera Pixel devices a few days ago received the update from version 6.1 to 6.2. At closer study of the application could not find in it a number of changes, a couple of which are very small, but one thing is for sure you will like it – a full dark mode.

Dark mode in the settings

Google Apps interface Camera has always been focused on dark colors, but it was necessary to go into the settings as you immediately started to burn my eyes flash white screen. Now the settings look exactly like the rest of the application interface. Pixel on devices running Android Q-controlled activation of energy saving mode, the entire interface goes into dark mode, and this also applies to the camera app and the settings screen. Likewise, it runs on Android P, although in this case the behavior of OSes can be a bit unpredictable.

On the first srinshote visible light mode in version 6.1 and in the subsequent two – Dark mode in version 6.2

New animated transitions

Switching between photo, video, portrait photography and panorama in version 6.1 Google Camera app displays a black screen with a transition mode icon in the middle. In version 6.2 the screen during the transition is no longer flashes in black, but instead have a cool transition effect zoom in / out. If the new version you switch between modes, everything is much smoother and a little faster than before.

On the left we see the old black screen when switching between camera modes, and the right – screen updates in the new version

Icon for flash self-mode

It's not the most obvious of innovation significance. In version 6.2, when you switch to the front camera, right in the center of the screen with the & # 39 is a big flash icon. Probably, the Google found that some users when the flash is turned on in the mode of self-arisen sense of wonder, what is this strange beige screen, so adding this large icon that no one else had a problem.

On the left – a beige monochromatic background, and on the right – the same, but with more flash icon

Where to download the new version of Google Camera?

Google Camera 6.2 is now available for download or update in Google Play, but if you for some reason do not get to download it, you can download this file, the APK.

Appendix: Google Camera
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