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Halving reward for mining bitcoin will increase the rate in 2020. |


Representatives mayningovoy Bitmain companies said that they intend to release a new flagship ASIC-Miner before the end of the year, as its popularity is due to the expected rise in the market in 2020.

Reducing kriptovalyutnogo market drives Bitmain in an increasingly difficult financial situation, and the latest news about what Bitmain investors are preparing a class action because of the IPO failed, only confirms this.

The company is trying to rectify the situation and plans to launch 200,000 Sun sold the ASIC-Miner in the south-eastern provinces of China, where, during the rainy season, there is access to a very cheap electricity generated by hydropower plants.

Also familiar with the plans of the company sources said that Bitmain has high hopes for the new, the ASIC Bitcoin Miner S17 and T17 on the basis of second-generation 7-nm chips, which is 30% more efficient than the first generation. In Bitmain sure that the value of Bitcoin will grow Then my 2020, when the award for the unit will be reduced by half.

However, as I said one of the sources are currently the supplier of chips Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing (TSMC) has no spare capacity to fulfill the order Bitmain. In addition, the demand for the ASIC-Miner is still low, so all the new products Bitmain are still at the design stage.

Yet it is worth noting that in 2016 Bitmain follows a similar strategy when Halving the eve of the awards the company introduced the model of the S9, which over the next two years accounted for about 60% of all deliveries of equipment for mining bitcoin.

Yet many skeptics doubt that Halving reward for the found block somehow help manufacturers Miner to get out of this situation.

"Even if Bitmain will still be there in May next year, the" halving "is unlikely to save them. The problem is that their equipment is quite uncompetitive, "- said director of Blockstream Samson MOU strategy[[[[and a former employee of Bitmain – approx. Ed.].

Bitmain also reported that the new CEO was appointed this week, and will soon be another attempt to launch an initial public offering (IPO).

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