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He threw seriously ill: the star had died of Soviet films


In the Monday, July 15, died the star of Soviet cinema Gemma Osmolovskaya. She was the former wife of another famous artist of the Soviet era – Leonid Kharitonov. On the death of celebrities he told press-service of the Moscow Theater of Ramtha, where she performed in 1964.

Almost two years Gemma Osmolovskaya struggled with cancer. The disease finally struck her at the age of 80 years. It should be noted that Leonid Kharitonov they have long been divorced. The actor died in 1987.

"For more than 40 years she worked in our theater, which came in 1964, after graduating from the Moscow Art Theater School. Gemma G. played about fifty roles in productions of various genres, "- said the representative of Ramtha.

But most of all Gemma Osmolovskaya became famous thanks to the movie. All compatriots learned actress in such films as "The Story of first love," "Sleepless Night", "We, the two men," "The street is full of surprises." It was the last project brought star Leonid Kharitonov. Actors were partners in the set and fell in love. Hiratonov even left his first wife, Svetlana, to live with his beloved. It is known that strongly suffered tearing.

But with Osmolovskaya Leonid long lived. Not in touch with & # 39 appearance of his son Alexis. Gemma was tired of her husband's alcoholism and filed for divorce. She admitted that she tried to treat Kharitonov and even sent to the clinic. After the rupture of the actor left his son to the care of the mother and no longer participate in his upbringing.

The second time Osmolovskaya married another actor – Peter Podyapolsky. But children are not the pair of & # 39 appeared. It was the husband told journalists about serious illness Gemma. Prior to this sick cancer actress simply thrown colleagues. The Actors Guild said they have not heard of this actress. As it turned out, and the theater, where she worked for many years, provided any financial assistance. Only after extensive coverage of history, Gemma began to support Osmolovskaya: transferred money, invited for shows and other events. However, due to the serious condition, she could not come to them.

Son Alex has not forgotten about his mother, but visited her often. Rumor has it that after his divorce from actress Leonid Kharitonov would not let him see the child, so the heir offended. He refused to explain the situation to reporters. Osmolovskaya also hinted that accustomed to prolonged separation son. Last year, a movie star could not walk, and drove her to the doctors on the machine. Gemma thanked his wife for constant care.

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