"I rate my performance in Brazil at 1 in 10," reports Sebastian Vettel – Automatic


The head of "Ferrari" Maurizio Arrivabene noted that the weak performance of Sebastian Vettel at the Brazilian Grand Prix was caused by problems with the sensor, because the pilot had difficulty controlling the engine.

Sebastian had a problem on the warm-up lap, he then lost to the beginning of Bottas Valtteri, and after a few laps he lost his position to Max Verstappen. Then, Germany returned to sixth place, where he finished the race.

"From the time of the heating lap, we knew that there was a problem with the sensor in the Seb car. This means that during the race he has to switch the different settings that we normally use, and because of this, it is difficult to control the car, "Arrivabene said.

Vettel added that he did not know which sensors could not be used, so he did everything possible to avoid the damage. He also explained why, before the start of the race, Ferrari pilots were considered favorites.

"Just say, the problem with" supersoft " [у соперников] proved to be insufficient. It was clear that during two or three rounds they had difficulties and at that time we decided that we would destroy the bank, but the competitors continued to move faster and farther.

Faster opponents, "supersoft" is quite fast and durable. I don't think that before the race, someone relied on a strategy with "supersoftware" – "software," but in reality there were no problems with that, "Sebastian said.

He also admitted that it was not a problem for him to miss Kimi Raikkonen:

"Everything is very simple. Kimi left the box with tires that were fresher, I had a few laps to try to do something with Valtteri, but it didn't work, so the team asked me to get past the couple. So it doesn't matter.

I like Kimi, I am happy to give her a chance to try to overtake, and in the end she goes up to the podium – happy for her.

How do I evaluate my race on a ten-point scale? Well, I did my best, but of course, in terms of the results achieved, I would rate my performance at 1 in 10, it was very bad. I don't think that today I managed to squeeze everything from the car, and the beginning of "software" didn't help us either, because "supersoft" worked longer than we thought. "


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