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If you go to a meeting with Putin, you will only kneel, – Poroshenko – Zelensky


April 29, 19:24

Poroshenko noted that even under these conditions retains faith in victory


The President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko warns team of the newly elected head of the Ukrainian government to meet with Russian President Vladimir Putin, without coordination with the international partners of Ukraine.

"If someone takes any decision in favor of Ukraine – we are sure it will support If anyone needs advice -. We can help you, but the risks are now facing the world and the country, they are going through the roof If you go to a meeting with Putin -.. To you no more of that coalition of the world, we carefully created 5 years, no one will not come – you destroy it and leave Ukraine alone with the aggressor and then you will only kneel down and surrender and admit that we can not exactly… admit "– said Poroshenko during a meeting with representatives of the scientific community in the Ukrainian Catholic University in Lviv on Monday.

At the same time, he said he was ready to help and advice to support the decision in favor of Ukraine.

"In time show you how not to kneel, because we know how to do it – do not kneel and just show you how to take care of its allies and partners, and in time show you how not to sell on.." 30 pieces of silver "gas that accurately cheat – we know it ", – said Poroshenko.

He stressed that even under these conditions retains faith in victory.

As reported, Russian journalists "have caught" the future president of Ukraine Vladimir Zelensky about the hotel in Bodrum, TurkeyWhere he rested, and tried to take his comments, but their attempts were in vain. The corresponding video posted on Facebook of the program "60 Minutes" with Russian television.

Recall Putin wants to negotiate with Zelensky of common citizenship and named conditions. Russian President spoke about the mutual exchange and citizenship and issuance of passports of Ukraine and Russia.

In turn, Zelensky said Putin's "certification" of the occupied Donbas. He explained that the Russian passport gives in fact – the right to be arrested for peaceful protest, the right to have free and competitive elections, the right to forget the existence of natural rights and freedoms. He also expressed hope that at the next meeting in "Norman format" Russia will demonstrate a willingness to de-escalate.

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