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In Ukraine, the first schools were closed because of the flu

In Ukraine, the first schools were closed because of the flu

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Ministry of Health experts have documented dozens of cases of infection with the virus type "A", it is believed that the number of cases will increase further only.

More and more adults and children are in the hospital because of the flu and colds. According to doctors, about the all-Ukrainian flu epidemic so far, although the incidence rates in various fields over the past few weeks have risen significantly. The anti-leaders – Kharkiv region. Here since last week's 4 schools are closed for quarantine and Tuesday in this list will be added another high school. The Department of Education Hogan said that unscheduled vacation for schoolchildren will last at least a week, and in the center of the field laboratory at the Health Ministry added – in these schools no more than 20% of students.

"In Volchansk and Velikoburlukskom areas epidemporoga level is exceeded 3 times and 21.0% respectively, 84.9% and 43.6% of patients in Volchansk and Velikoburlukskom areas -. It is children, more than 80.0% – of the organized teams ", – noted in the department.

Also last week, were closed and several schools and a kindergarten in the Volyn region: because of a cold did not come to school for more than 20% of children. In the village crossroads Shatsky district school will resume classes already on Tuesday, November 27, in the rest presumably on Wednesday.

Specialists of the laboratory centers say that vaccination – one of the best ways to protect yourself from viruses. So, in the Volyn region from the beginning of epidemiological season to vaccinate about 1 thousand people in Kharkiv 6765 people.

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Traditionally, for the autumn of SARS in November – December comes the flu outbreak which lasts until February or even March.

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