Monday , April 12 2021

InSight apparatus made self on Mars

After a soft landing on Mars InSight device sends pictures to Earth on the successful start of the mission

InSight apparatus photographed himself. Credit: NASA

InSight apparatus photographed himself. Credit: NASA

At the end of "six minutes of terror," the InSight device NASA has reported the successful launch NASA mission to study the Red Planet. Start the mission noted Martian self.

However, it is worth noting that the first picture immediately after landing could fine – on & # 39; the camera lens was heavily contaminated with dust.

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First snapshot sent InSight to earth immediately after planting

Photo: Prahar News

Also, despite the fact that sunlight is weaker on Mars than on Earth, it will not prevent the InSight system, which will soon begin deploying instruments reported in NASA.

The mission of the unit is designed for the study of the internal structure and composition of Mars – it InSight is equipped with a seismometer. Cost of the program cost the space agency of 480 million dollars, and the mission itself is designed for 720 days – still InSight will study the internal structure of Mars, hold the first seismological observations on the planet and measure the heat flux from the Martian interior.

Over the next two to three months InSight uses a robotic arm to deploy its two main tools: a seismometer and samozabivayuschiysya nail. The seismometer will listen marsotryaseniya and try to nail to drill almost 5 meters of the Martian surface to measure the internal temperature of the planet.

Recall that scientists previously We noticed on Mars gigantic pillar of water. as previously on the surface of Mars, the ancient artifact from Earth has been discovered. and on the NASA photos found dead alien.

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