Saturday , April 17 2021

NASA revealed a new picture Benny asteroid

Science News: Probe OSIRIS-REx made Benny asteroid shot at a distance 136 kilometers from its surface.

The device OSIRIS-REx made a new snapshot Benny asteroid. As reported on the NASA site was shot be made on November 16, when the machine is at a distance 136 kilometers from the surface of the celestial body.

On the new image can be seen craters and a group of stones that cover the surface of Benny. Already in December, OSIRIS-REx will start using MapCam camera that will provide images of the asteroid in the color and composition of various substances distribution map of its surface.

Mission station in the asteroid will last until 2021, and then it will begin to reverse the movement of the Earth. During his stay in the orbit of the asteroid OSIRIS-Rex asteroid must make images to make it a card and once to touch its surface to collect soil samples.

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