Friday , November 15 2019
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OnePlus release technology «WarpTen» April 1st?


The world is preparing for tomorrow's boom of April fools pranks. However, marketers OnePlus, seem to have decided to prepare in advance.

OnePlus release technology «WarpTen» April 1st? - photo 1

Yesterday in the network & # 39; was a teaser for an electric charging from WarpTen. Those who have been following the company OnePlus, probably doubt that will be presented April 1 is electric – looks much more likely that the company will present a WarpTen fast charging technology and 30 watts. Perhaps the most that can be expected – a small electric announcement, which reveals its likely performance or any hints on the features of design, appearance or features of interaction with smartphones OnePlus.

OnePlus release technology «WarpTen» April 1st? - photo 2

However, today & # 39; was the second teaser that very well, I hinted at an electric streamlined forms. He and & # 39; emergence of hard to believe, so we can assume that the silhouette of "race" represents the speed of the electric charging devices supporting WarpTen technology. It is very likely that the new fast-charging technology will be announced tomorrow, and supports its OnePlus 7 from & # 39 will appear somewhere in May.

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