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Prince Harry was caught in an unexpected way: "The eyes do not believe." Politeka


"It is not every day you see a" – thought one of the passengers of the aircraft and decided to take a picture of Prince Harry in an unusual form for all

Prince Harry was spotted in a plane that made flight from the Italian capital Rome to London. Many passengers at first did not believe their eyes, and then were surprised that looked like a member of the royal family & # 39; and.

One of the companions of Prince Harry Amy Garik found on board an aircraft prince vessel. "I noticed a guy who looked like Harry Prince. He had an engagement ring, and he looked very tired, "- said the girl a British tabloid.

Prince Harry

A little later, she realized that this was the prince himself.

According to Amy Garik as soon as Prince Harry noticed that she knew him, he immediately smiled and greeted her.

She had managed to photograph the royal person and posted photos on his page to Facebook. "It is not every day you see this", – concluded the passenger.

Many Internet users have been shocked by the views of the prince. Brits not used to seeing so tired and sad his pet. Almost all the photos Prince Harry smiles sincerely.

It is also noted that Prince Harry went to Rome to take part in a charity match, the funds from which were sent to his foundation.

As previously reported, it has long been rumored that Meghan Markle knocked about by her husband Prince Harry as soon as he wants.

Prince Harry after his marriage to Megan Markle decided to reduce the number of their friends. Thus, the 40-year-old Natalie Pinkham, who was the Duke of bosom friend, suddenly was expelled from his community.

34-year-old Prince Harry suddenly ceased all communication with the UK's leading sports channel SKY Sports, which he used very trusted. Grandson of Queen Elizabeth II broke relations with her without any warning and do not even invited to the wedding. Since Natalie and Harry are no longer met.

Friends Natalie said that such an attitude is very offended Prince Natalie. A source from its environment, said that Natalie and Prince Harry were friends for many years and shared their secrets with each other.

"It is fair to hurt. She knew Harry for many years and was not only his boon companion, but a trustee. They were very close, but it was a platonic relationship. When Harry started dating Megan their relationship have changed dramatically. Between them there was cooling and communication brought to nothing, "- says an insider.

However, Natalie herself this time feels fellow 34-year-old Harry and believes Megan – the one that he wanted, as it was she could curb hot temper Prince.

Recall, Kate Middleton copied image of 86-year-old Duchess

As Politeka reported Kate Middleton changed profession.

Politeka also reported that Meghan Markle low Archie tucked in his belt, Kate Middleton.

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