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Rating the most reliable SUV in 2019


Rating the most reliable SUV in 2019Better performance off-road cars have three Japanese brands.

Rating the most reliable SUVs in 2019 led the Toyota Land Cruiser Prado. This SUV combines four-wheel drive, a frame structure and a continuous rear axle. Experts praised the leader for the reliability, comfort level, cross-country, as well as modern design and equipment, reported online edition citing

"Silver" rating went Mitsubishi Pajero Sport. Experts stressed that the third generation Pajero Sport is built on a steel frame spars, which ensures durability and reliability of the car. In addition, the Jeep has all the best features of an SUV – four-wheel drive, continuous rear axle and frame structure.

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three leaders locked Subaru Forester fifth generation. This auto noteworthy two atmospheric gasoline engine with a horizontally-opposed design (2.0 L 150 hp and 2.5 L 185 hp) and four-wheel drive. In addition, the SUV decided compactness, usability and availability of electrically-controlled multi-plate clutch that distributes torque as a function of the current situation on the road.

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