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Results 29.04: The fire at the plant, and Putin's proposal


Results 29.04: The fire at the plant, and Putin's proposal

Photo: Dmitry Benko / Facebook

Fire at the Rivne Nuclear Power Plant

On the Rivne nuclear power plant was a fire; Putin proposed common citizenship for the Russian Federation and Ukraine. Of Korrespondent.net highlights the main events of yesterday.

Gazprom allowed delay construction Northern flux – 2

Deputy Head of the Russian foreign economic activity department Gazprom Dmitry Khandogiy said that the pipeline Northern stream – 2 It can be built behind schedule.

According to him, currently laid 1125 km of pipeline in the Baltic Sea. At the moment, Northern stream – 2 will be put before the end of the year, however, are not excluded construction delays.

On the Rivne NPP was suras & # 39; oznae PP

On Rovenskaya NPP fire occurred due to damage the transformer. Rescuers put out the fire. The reasons are being investigated. Currently working at the plant 1st and 4th power units. The radiation background in the normal range, the victims and survivors there.

For the first time in five years with a & # 39 there was a video message from the leader of the LIH

First with July 2014 video, which captured the leader of the terrorist group "Islamic State" Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi to & # 39; appeared on the Internet.

This video discusses al-Baghdadi battle at the village Baguz – the last fighters of support in Syria. He also said the terrorist attacks in Sri Lanka in the Catholic Easter Sunday.

Putin proposed to introduce common citizenship to Ukraine and Russia

Russian President Vladimir Putin has said he expects to reach an agreement with the newly elected President of Ukraine Vladimir Zelensky on citizenship. "Very well," – he praised the Russian leader Zelensky words that he may give Ukrainian passports to all Russians.

"This suggests that we will agree, perhaps because we have a lot to do if they will give citizenship to Russians in Ukraine, and we Ukrainians in Russia, we pretty quickly come to a common denominator, and the desired result." – said Putin .

In addition, Putin advised Zelensky Ukrainian passport to return ex-President of Georgia, the former head of the Odessa Regional State Administration Mikhail Saakashvili.

Zelensky returned from Turkey to Ukraine

President-elect Vladimir Zelensky returned to Ukraine after the holiday in the Turkish Bodrum. Politiks something & # 39; s left five-star hotel in the quarter Gyuverzhinlik.

The Milas-Bodrum airport in the VIP-terminal accompanied his Muğla Governor Esenguly Zhivelek and chief executive Milas district Eren Araslan.

The politician flew from Turkey to Ukraine scheduled flight Turkish Airlines airline.

Russia allowed the transit of sanctions Ukrainian goods to Asia

Russian authorities are considering an amendment to the legislation concerning the transit of goods through Ukrainian podsanktsionnyh Russian Federation on the territory of Asia. By July 1, the transit of the Ukrainian goods are allowed in Kazakhstan and Kyrgystan.

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