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Rivne NPP – New details about the threat to people – Video


April 29 Rivne nuclear power plant I fired up transformer, and experts said that the threat to humans and nature are not present.

It is reported by TSN.

Fire at the Rivne Nuclear Power Plant, which happened soon after anniversary of the Chernobyl explosion, very frightened locals. They are excited to fire effects for the population and the environment. However, rescuers were assured that there is no threat.

"There is always the experience Upon arrival it was found that there is a fire of the transformer.", – said the head of the duty shift operational Coordination Office of Fire and Rescue Detachment Sergey Smooth.

Rescuers prevent a fire in the transformer oil, where his tone. And yet, a fire shut down the third power.

"Tripped tripped algorithm conditionally machines that cut off power unit personnel observed how everything happens.." – said Peter Kratik, head of information management and communication with the Rivne NPP.

According to experts, are measurements every 30 seconds. Engineer Radiation Safety SU GSCHS Rivne Vitaly Shakhno background radiation near nuclear power plants were measured every morning. He says, with yesterday, nothing has changed and that the normal background radiation to 0, 4 mikroziver hour and day examples show 12:25 hundredths mikroziver hours.

However, due to power loss of nuclear power still suffer. We are talking about millions of hryvnia precisely.

"If now the one kilowatt of electricity produced by nuclear power plants is about 56 cents, and millionnik block conditionally produces about 30 million kilowatts is necessary to multiply." – Petr Kratik added.

Who is waiting for permission NPP to start the third power again. In parallel, at the plant a special commission studying the causes of the transformer fire.

As reported by the "apostrophe", at the Rovno nuclear power plant It was disconnected from the power unit №3 network.

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