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Scientists have proved that life on Mars is possible



Curiosity rover found in a Martian crater Gale nitrogen compounds necessary for the survival of living organisms. It with & # 39; may have contributed to the emergence of the fall of asteroids and the presence of hydrogen gas in the atmosphere of the Red Planet, according to an article published in Journal of Geophysical Research: Planets.On was the best investigator of Mars, but was killed in a sandstorm. story Opportunity

NASA Mars recreated in the laboratory early atmosphere in which was a mixture of hydrogen, nitrogen and carbon dioxide. Then, with the help of an infrared laser beam, scientists simulated the shock waves that can be formed by asteroid impact on the planet's surface. As a result of this reaction is formed nitrates, necessary to sustain life.

When this was previously believed that the presence of hydrogen should prevent the formation of nitric acid and contribute with the & # 39; appearance of other compounds, such as hydrocyanic acid. As a result, with increasing hydrogen concentration in the "atmosphere" molecules accelerates the formation of nitric acid and nitrous acid.

Scientists have calculated that the amount of hydrogen that was in the atmosphere of Mars, would be enough to cover the entire planet 20-60 centimeter salt layer. When this is not completely established, whether from ancient atmosphere Red planet hydrogen, but the experiment scientists demonstrated that its presence is not required to enrich the soil nitrogen compounds.

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