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Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice – shadows die many, many times


Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice - shadows die many, many times

I go along on Sekiro not with the agility with which we would like and which I expected after many tens of hours in the three parts of Dark Souls, and the reason for it is not the high complexity of the game and which requires getting used to the mechanics. Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice originally planned as a new part of Tenchu ​​and therefore, although similar to previous games FromSoftware, work still several different rules, which will have to get used primarily to those in "souls" relied on block and powerful blows big swords. But first things first.

genre Action-adventure, stealth
platform PC / PlayStation 4 / Xbox One
developer FromSoftware
publishers Activision, FromSoftware
website. Steam

Medieval gothic thing of the past, this time Hidetaka Miyazaki invites us into an alternate Japan Sengoku period, also known as the "era of warring provinces." Clan Asinou going through hard times, his position weakened, and the enemies are preparing to inflict a crushing blow. Genichiro, grandson of the head of the clan, being captured and the young Mr. Kuro Shinobi, vowed to protect him. A child with a magic immortality, Genichiro need to create an army of immortal warriors. During an unsuccessful escape from captivity Shinobi loses hands, barely regaining consciousness, he is sent to rescue Mr. again. It replaces the lost limb bone prosthesis mounted one-armed sculptors from a nearby Buddhist temple. The prosthesis is functionally able to give odds to the best Swiss knife – here and a fold-out metal umbrella of small arms, and throwing "stars", and a flame thrower, and even a folding ax. Of course, improvements have yet to find, the first time artificial hand ax used exclusively as a hook-cat.

Differences Sekiro from a series of Souls are evident from the very beginning of the game – the opportunity to create your own character and choose his class we have as fine performance settings, which have been reduced to about & # 39; health volume and force of impact and is pumped by a shortfall of objects bosses. Which of the & # 39 has vertical radically changed the gameplay, because you can now explore the relatively quiet environment before they get into a fight: on the surrounding roofs, rocks and just trees meet regularly place, for which you can catch on a hook-cat . The same cat rescue in case you want to quickly withdraw. Well, where the climb to the height does not work, there is tall grass in which to hide, to get around an opponent and inflict a mortal blow in the back. In general, the game strongly encourages the use of a concealed passage, but expect a full stealth is not necessary, it is rather primitive: the enemy or to see the axes, or alert, or is at rest. The need to avoid lighted areas and extinguish the light sources is not available, although the mechanics here and asks.

The fighting became an order of magnitude more dynamic because of the strength of the game disappeared in the classic view. Various armor is gone, so it is no longer necessary to monitor congestion character: run, jump and dodge your heart's content. Care should be exclusively about posture stock – concentration or balance, if you prefer. This resource is spent on parrying attacks and this is where lies the beauty of combat Sekiro system. If you press the parry in time, it is possible to draw almost any attack, even a blow rushing at you again & # 39; frenzied bull with flaming horns; Sun parries only stabbing attacks and vertical strokes, certain lights red-Kanji characters. And the timings are playing a key role – try to fend off ahead of time and spend their concentration, the blade base at a time when the enemy should fall on you, and the concentration of losing it. Several unsuccessful parry a row, and the ax out of steam, some good – and now the enemy is open to a fatal blow. Actually, it is necessary to fight more aggressively than in the past, constantly alternating series of attacks and parry, so as not to give the opponent to restore concentration.

It works with ordinary enemies and bosses, some of them manage to win at all without moving from the spot, one has only to memorize the rhythm of their punches and get Karbi People counterattack, allowing interrupt stabbing attack with red kanji (above the vertical stroke jump quite). With the Karbi People associated curious psychological moment: is it really just at the right moment you need to tilt the analog stick in the direction of the enemy and press the dodge button to ax stepped on enemy weapons, but those half a second, which lasts strike animation, reflexes take precedence and fingers push yourself at first parry or care aside. In my case, it was acquired during the passage of a series of Souls reflexes to blame for the fact that the first boss in Sekiro died not very willingly. Seeing you rushing to the rider on the huge war-horse, you instinctively retreat, taking a defensive stance and begin to wait for the time to strike, while the need to run to meet him and prepare to reflect a series of blows that after a counterattack. And not to clamp the block button (oh, and I long to wean from it), and press it several times, how many strokes will cause the boss, and the press is strictly at a certain point. The same applies to dodges – yes, now there is no strength and boss around all day, you can jump, but what's the point, if the concentration of the sun is exhausted?

Speaking of bosses, they are now not one but two health bars, and if the basic choice of the bosses no special health and demolish them will have twice, with optional can cheat. Ax Ninja yet, and therefore, there is nothing stopping you sneak up to the boss from the back and use a fatal blow to significantly simplify your life.

Several lives and of the Ninja – can be resurrected after death-half the scale of health and try to finish the job, and the number of resurrections increases as you progress through, but twice in a row the game will not rise again, after the first attempt the rest are blocked and are available only after the application of lethal strike the enemy. Thus Sekiro prevents abuse of the mechanics. However, to use the resurrection too often not worth it. So, for the death in Shadows Die Twice, traditionally FromSoftware, a character is superimposed penalty. Shower Sekiro no, so the game just takes half of all available characters in unspent money and experience points. Return can not be lost, can only hope that the work "invisible help" of the gods, which allows you to save all their belongings back-breaking labor. First chance for its operation is 30%, but the more you die, the smaller it becomes. Abuse of the resurrection leads to the fact that the friendly NPCs ill dragon scourge as rebelling from the dead, you suck the life force of others, which reduces the chance of "invisible interventions" and limits interaction with the characters. Buy consumables patient trader you can, but be customized quests – no. The disease is removed using a dragon's tears in the near Buddha statues, but these tears in the world of a limited number, so that they need to spend carefully.

By the way, about the statues. They work exactly the same way as the fires in Dark Souls – allow breath, refill herbs, move to another statue and obtained experience points to spend on skills to purchase. Ax potentially available several skill trees: martial arts ninja – useful in the study of peace skills associated with stealth and covert killings, martial arts Asinou – especially attacking the branch, designed to simplify the boss battles, martial arts with a prosthesis (allowing, in fact, enhance the use device), martial arts monks Senpai and the branch of martial arts Musin, in fact some of the & # 39 is a collection of superior strongest skills from other branches. But FromSoftware would not be himself if it were all so simple: before you open access to the branches of the skills necessary to get the appropriate teaching. Some of you will receive automatically your way through the story, but for the others will have to try.

Personally, I change Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice, which occurred with classical mechanics, very much, although I can not disagree with the fact that not all fans of the "Shower" they will have to taste – a new setting, the lack of classes, a full gear and weapons change and, most importantly, missing PvP-mode not endorse each. I believe that in FromSoftware was very good fresh look at the time-tested formula and, although miss shields, have great pleasure in learning new mechanics of fights and sincerely thank the developers for the opportunity to finally quietly take a breath and put the game on pause right during during the fight with the boss, I do not fear that my character with s & # 39; e suddenly burst into a hostile world of the phantom.

pros: The updated battle system; setting; vertical levels; resurrections system; spectacular finishing moves

cons: Battle with a large number of enemies are not particularly suitable; Simplified stealth

conclusion: A fresh take on the classic formula: we have to get used to, but it's worth it

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