Tuesday , September 29 2020
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Subaru Forester turned into all-terrain vehicle / News / Finance.ua


Doubt the all-wheel drive Subaru nobody is going, but the Americans never enough. Enough that a regular SUV Forester lyuftovali wizard from Oregon, turning it into a "Monster Truck".

The guys from Anderson Design & Fabrication actually deliver first-class kits for lifting the body and increase the clearance for all vehicles, from old Subaru GL to the latest Outback and the Forester beautiful. In most cases, use the spacer strips instead polnopruzhinnogo under the & # 39; lift – for maximum preservation of the original ride quality. However, for longer journeys there are suspension.

The Subaru NO two-speed transfer case. Nevertheless, after a small rise, with additional support plates, body protection and possibly a nozzle inlet, these simple machines can cope with obstacles – for example, difficult terrain. There are a lot of trails on which you can go without all-wheel drive. But the Subaru all-wheel drive system, and even reinforced, it is suitable for off-road travel.

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