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Tailor of 95 Quarter-turned to for help Ukrainians, "it was a trouble." Politeka


The star of "District 95" Elena Kravets immediately appealed to Ukrainians

Famous actress "Quarter 95" studio Elena Kravetz asked its fans with a request for financial assistance for the treatment of Ukrainian, which is in urgent need of surgery. This Saturday, March 30, it became known from the message on the official website "95 Quarter" in Instagram, according to Know.

Kravets said: "I want to appeal to you for help … was a trouble. Sick one young woman. " In the video, a famous actress appealed to all subscribers: "Friends, really need your help! All details @lennykravets in the penultimate post. All in advance thank you very much! ".

Elena Kravets

As yumoristka reported on assistance for Natalia myroslav dochynets she became aware of the actress with the "Women's Quarter". Tailor responded to the request and asked the fans and just indifferent people. It should be noted that the funds are going to an urgent operation. In addition, the video Elena Kravets has published photos and scans of correspondence with Natalia, and the conclusion of doctors about the need for surgery.

In comments subscribers supported the initiative of the actress, and wrote a lot of good words about Natalia, who need help. In his comments people wrote: "Lena, do not pay attention to the goons and krahoborov … Who can, who will … who can not, he will keep silent and will not whine like a jackal … A redneck sorts already shown its face * * "," Few listed. I wish a speedy recovery. "," Alenka, you are a man with a big heart! and your entire team – the big rock! Good luck to you! Natalia health i timely help! "," Those who are outraged! What are you forgotten why subscribe? You're being forced? ".

Elena Kravets

Recall that the daughter of Elena Kravets of "Quarter 95" forced Ukrainian worry about sudden "disappearance" of social networks. Maria Kravets, who recently celebrated her sixteenth birthday, prompted jittery its subscribers in social networks. The fact is that in recent years the daughter of the stars "95 Quarter" Elena Kravets more rarely makes new publication. If a year ago the girl constantly publish new photos and videos from their travels to different countries of the world, recently updating its page with & # 39 are less and less.

Recall, The Tailor of quarter 95 touchingly appealed to Ukrainians.

As reported Politeka, The Tailor of Quarter 95 told about the drama because Zelensky.

Earlier Politeka wrote that Kravets quarter of 95 to uncover the secrets of his family & # 39; and.

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