Monday , April 12 2021

The dollar exchange rate has reached a point in Kiev 30.50 hryvnia

In some exchange offices in Kiev Dollar exchange rate has exceeded 30 hryvnia. In particular, now 30.50 rate can be seen in the city center – on the street Antonovich near the "Cocktail".

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At the same time most of the other points of sale US currency showed a mark around 29.40, which is still slightly higher than in the evening (around 29.20 UAH / USD).

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Meanwhile, the network spread pictures of Kharkov, which can be seen as offering to buy dollars at the rate of 39.5 in the city center.


Recall that in connection with the epic associated with the introduction of martial law in Ukraine, the dollar actively expensive. The evening of November 26 of its non-cash exchange rate rose by 14 cents, and the evening was fixed within 27,89-27,90 UAH / $.

On the interbank market the exchange rate of hryvnia fell to 27.895 UAH / $ 1, compared to Friday's figure of 27.75 UAH / $ 1.

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