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The main feature of Xiaomi Mi Band 4 Pro plunged all in shock


Every year the company Xiaomi is launching more and more variety of electronic devices ranging from smart phones and televisions ending. This is done primarily in order to offer our customers as much as possible the rich choice, and this in turn contributes to increased demand and an increase in the popularity of branded products. Already in 2019 this market will be a new fitness tracker company and buy it, too, will be in an advanced modification, which will be called Xiaomi Mi Band 4 Pro.

It will not only receive the same opportunities to be in the normal models, but also some unique in nature, which is guaranteed to please all customers. Use the prefix «Pro» company Xiaomi has decided to simplify the process of selecting a new tracker. She is actively uses it in the smartphone market, and televisions, and more recently with names begin to produce even household appliances such as cooling systems. Advanced model of the new sports bracelet is guaranteed to earn its name.

It is reported that the Xiaomi Mi Band 4 Pro will please all users of NFC chip through which the owners will be able to pay for purchases in stores through payment Mi Pay system, as well as pay for public transport. However, this system only works in China and India, so the people of Russia it is likely to be available. Good in all this of course is nothing but a novelty in the future will be much more interesting in every opportunity.

The main difference from the usual advanced tracker will be a special module that allows the bracelet to monitor the quality of the heart. To do this, Xiaomi Mi Band Pro 4 added the ability to do the ECG, that is to carry out a full diagnosis of the heart. To use this feature you need to take a horizontal position, and then do not move for a few minutes, following the instructions on the screen. Get acquainted with the finished cardiogram heart will be possible directly on the smartphone via the Mi Fit app and decrypt it a special II, who will talk about whether all is well in the work of the heart. To many people this opportunity to really save lives, and what could be more important?

Recently it became known that the firmware MIUI 11 for Xiaomi smartphones received a long-awaited feature.

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