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Ukraine Election 2019 – violations and falsification 2019/03/31


Ukraine holds presidential elections, but in some regions have already recorded a number of violations. So, as of 12:00, ie 4 hours after the start of voting, the police has already registered 284 allegations of abuse.

Falsification of the election day is fixed in different regions. So, as of 12:00 recorded 284 allegations of abuse. As of 11:00 all their fixed in the Donetsk region – 21, in Kiev – 19, Dnipropetrovsk – 17, of Odessa – 15, in Kharkiv – 12, Sumy and Kirovograd – 10, Zaporozhye – 9, in the Carpathian – 6, Lugano and Kiev – 5, and Kherson Volynskaya – 4, Cherkasy and Chernihiv – 3, and Nikolaev Vinnytsia – 2, Lvov, Chernovitsky, Khmelnytsk and Zhitomyr – 1.

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What types of violations already committed?

illegal campaigning – 25;

bribery of voters – 9;

bulletin damage – 10;

photographing ballots – 25;

cable theft – 1;

Attempting the removal bulletin portion – 5.

One fact police have opened criminal proceedings under article "Falsification of election documents" in the Kherson region.

In addition, the movement of "Honestly" reports of cases where land in some areas opened up in advance.

Also, it does not work one polling station in Ukraine. It is located in the city of Izmail, in the Odessa region. As of 10 am closed as were three polling stations in Ukraine.

In Izmail on two sites having printing problems. Another "problem" of land was located in the Kyiv region, but it is already working.

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But in Poltava 262 area is not equipped with ramps. Because of this, people with disabilities can not get there without help or on the school grounds, where the land or in the room itself.

People with disabilities can not independently get on one of the sites in Poltava

Observers also record many such minor violations in a number of regions. In particular, in many areas newsletters are not placed in alphabetical order.

As for the campaign, the release of such violations: the observers for the presidential candidates come with unresolved symbols into sections.

Observer wrongdoing by one of the candidates in Gostomel

What not to do during the vote?

In particular, during the voting in the presidential election in 2019 forbidden to give an account of his will.

Don'ts voters in accordance with the voting secrecy:

• The voter has the right to photograph the ballot, show the ballot or do self booths. So violated election mystery, which is prohibited by law. Otherwise it will be a criminal or administrative penalties.

• The man who takes money for his vote, regardless of their life circumstances, is involved in a criminal process – bribing voters.

• Heads of state and local authorities also limited the right to carry out a campaign for or against any candidate, this limitation also applies to law enforcement officers.

What threatens violators?

For violation of the election legislation provides for administrative and criminal liability. For example, the article "Bribery of voters," you can get four years in prison. And if you participate in the carousel – and take pictures Newsletter sell your vote – up to two years. Or a fine of up to 5,100 hryvnia, or correctional labor.

Note that 2.5 months of the election campaign to the police more than 2 thousand times to apply for violations. According to the MOI, accounting for more than half a thousand adminprotokol and opened almost one hundred and fifty of the criminal proceedings.

falsifikatsiї torn down Vibor prezidentski Vibor-2019 golosuvannya s torn down
That "shine" for the election violations

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