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Ukrainian actor cut in Naples


In Naples, the Italian members of a local youth gang attacked a 18-year-old Ukrainian actor Artem Tkachuk.

He received 2 stabbed in the stomach and was hospitalized. The attack took place last night in one of the coastal areas of Naples, writes Guardian.

Tkachuk told police that for him and his friend approached by several young men.

One of them asked which area they live, and the other at this point twice stabbed him in the stomach. Member Tkachuk beat.

Tkachuk says that going to the car, when he noticed a suspicious company.

"It was about three o'clock in the morning, when we approached by a group of young people of our age. They asked me if I was from the next quarter, and I replied: "No". Some of them insisted to know who I was, and at that moment I took my cell phone to show their profile Instagrame ", – he said Artyom.

Artem Tkachuk debut in world cinema was held in the Italian film "Piranha Naples."

The picture even entered the competition program of the Berlin Festival.

Actor, car & # 39; EPA has just started the cooperation with Italian director Claudio Zhovannezi, was injured on a busy street in Naples, where before the shooting took place.

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