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Monday was very difficult in the foreign exchange market. It is safe to say that the main problem for the bankers today have created political risks associated with the procedure of martial law. Even the growth of liquidity in the banking system (just 6.9 mlrd- to 57.7 billion hryvnia) provided only an additional pressure on the exchange rate.

The delay in the approval of the Decree of the President in the Verkhovna Rada in combination with a particular economic factor in the growth of demand for currency from importers and large increase in liquidity in the system – have allowed speculators sur & # 39; ozna shake the market throughout the day. In addition, the uncertainty of the situation has led to an active and increase the price tags for the currency at exchange offices, which is also psychologically affect the mood of buyers currency.

Some obmenkah by Monday evening began to quote sales within 28.90 hryvnia and above, while leaving enough reserved quotes for redemption of currency from the population with a margin of up to 60 cents on the dollar. There is a classic game "on the increase" and pay for all of this banquet will be as always the population, small and medium businesses. Panic and excitement always lead to losses. This should be remembered top management in decision now about the currency purchasing decisions.

The course of trading:

The bulk of the factors and psychological conditions worked against the hryvnia. Speculators began to untwist the course in the morning and evening of Friday of declarative 27.74 / 27.76 hryvnia in the first minutes of the session course warmed up to 27.80 / 27.85 hryvnia, and up to 11 hours and up to 27.86 / 27.93 hryvnia and above. Major currency traders were in no hurry to conclude the transaction, waiting for the maximum rush for it and the best prices.

After 11 hours of such level was finally fixed at 27.86 / 27.93 hryvnia per dollar, and it lasted for almost before lunch. Only after 13 hours due to the large players sales (at the peak of prices) dollar dipped slightly to 27.87 / 27,91-27,92 hryvnia in this range was already almost to the close of the session. Only up to 17 hours of course still slightly dipped to 27.88 / 27.91 hryvnia, than the bids and completed.

The main event of November 26 on the interbank market:

1. Against the background of skill hyped speculative frenzy – interbank quotes throughout the day rose from morning declarative 27.80 / 27.85 to 27.88 hryvnia / 27.91 hryvnia to the end of the session;

2. NBU did not go up for sale in a public auction format;

3. Reference rate of National Bank at 12:00 was 27.8942 hryvnia per dollar and the regulator declared at 27.898447 official on November 27.

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