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Wife Zelensky told of Kolomoisky


Ukraine's presidential election winner Vladimir Zelensky has never been and never will be anybody's puppet and does not represent the interests of the oligarch Igor Kolomoisky.

In an interview with & # 39; u The Daily Beast said the wife of the novice politician Elena Zelenska. She stressed that her husband and bind exclusively Kolomoisky business issues.

Zelenska remembered an episode from 2015, when the showman literally yelled at Ukrainian oligarch fighting censorship on TV.

"We had a famous scandal when Kolomoisky canceled the broadcast of our political stage show on their TV channel 1 + 1 because of political jokes. Vladimir called him on the phone and screamed so loud that I thought that our transmission will never show on TV "- she said.

Elena and Vladimir Zelensky

Elena and Vladimir Zelensky


Also Elena Zelenska told why their family & # 39; and in 2014 had to use the services of security guards.

As OBOZREVATEL reported Elena Zelenska assured that her husband, Vladimir does not intend to concede anything to the president of Russia Vladimir Putin.

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