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18,000mAh Energizer phone is dying a shameful death after refusing financing


Energizer Power Max P18K Pop, antidepressant phone with a massive battery 18,000mAh, finally finished the jingle of his burial, after a wildly unsuccessful Indiegogo company saw that receives only 1% of the required funding.

Massive phone was showcased at the MWC 2019 in February and launched on Indiegogo in late March. However, this does not seem like many people were taken from the Energizer branded phone – Crowdfunding window is now closed, and the device only ultimately raised $ 15,000 / £ 11,000, with 11 patrons.

Avenir Telecom, which issues licenses for Energizer name for use on smartphones, set a goal Crowdfunding a whopping $ 1.2 million / £ 920,000, and at $ 599 / £ 461 for a single phone, the company will ship the 2000 phone to to achieve the goal.

There were also savings for multi-buy mortgages that seem, then, that some of the patrons decided to fund, so that in reality Energizer probably expected shipping 2500 or 3000 phones. Now, however, it looks like Energizer Power Max P18K Pop never see the light

Why Energizer phone will not work?

We have already written a detailed analysis of why no one funded Energizer phone, but to put it simply, there is a very limited audience to phone size and weight of a brick.

Despite some pretty intriguing and new features such as pop-up cameras with two sensors and a massive battery, we just could not see who prefer to spend their money on Energizer Power Max P18K Pop, especially if there are other large phones for the same price.

In the end, the Energizer phone was just a novelty – one of the long, convoluted name too.

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