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A white supremacist, 21, who planned "Columbine style place" in prison massacre


A white supremacist, who planned to commit mass murder in hatred killing spree was jailed for nine years.

Shane Fletcher, 21, idolized the killer behind the Columbine massacre, and it is planned to hold a similar crime in his home town in Cumbria.

He avenged that bullied and looked down, his case in court in Manchester heard before.

His goal was medieval football match, in Workington, which sees thousands gather in the streets of his hometown to play every Easter and Spectate.

Fletcher wanted to imitate Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold, who killed 12 students and one teacher at their school in Colorado in 1999.

He was arrested on March 10 last year, after his days probation officers contacted the police when Fletcher told him only to prevent him from carrying out the massacre with a & # 39 is the lack of funds and access to weapons.

Eric Harris (left) and Dylan Klebold inspect the shotgun to their murder spree in 1999

Passing an extended sentence in the court of Manchester, said Judge Patrick Field QC Fletcher it was "deeply concerned about the case" in which the defendant was motivated by hatred, revenge, and nihilism.

Fletcher must serve at least two-thirds of his detention hour period and will be subject to long-term license for four years if parole considers it safe to be released.

Classing him as a dangerous criminal, the judge noted, obsessive Fletcher mass murder spree killers – including Cumbrian taxi driver Derrick Bird and the United States gunman Dylan Church Roof – along with his hatred of the different religious and ethnic groups, women and homosexuals.

Police found the diary under her bed, which contained written instructions on how to make a bomb and homemade napalm, along with his mobile phone, which contained the image of the killers of Columbine, lying dead on the ground.

Also in the diary found in his home in Wastwater Avenue were numerous entries that highlight their anger.

One entry read: "On April 4 Workington will oblitrated (sic), all and all will be destroyed, I will not show mercy killing you so call people, I will do it with a smile on your face, you dirty canceras (SIC). P **** s …

"I started this blog counting down the days until WM witch (SIC) will be the most exciting day of my life I plan to."

Shane Fletcher wanted to be assigned to match Uppies and Downies in Workington on Easter

Prosecutors offered WM stood Workington Massacre.

Facebook messages between Fletcher and his "only friend" Kyle Dixon were restored after showed the defendant was trying to convince Mr. Dixon to join him in the deadly attack.

Fletcher said Mr. Dixon, he thought about killing others, and then take his life with 15 years, and they were "at the moment, Eric and Dylan were shot except at school."

Prosecutor Jonathan Sandiford told the jury Mr Dixon was a young man with a "significant challenges", affected by brain injury, and that his initial enthusiasm happily stalled.

In January, Fletcher was found guilty of one count of soliciting murder and two collection points or to record information useful for the purposes of terrorism.

Fletcher did not testify in his defense, but his lawyer, Simon Chalk QC, said Fletcher, was a lonely attention seeker who is fully aware of his comments about Uppies and Downies to his probation will be handed over to police.

He argued that the Facebook chat with Mr. Dixon were "stupid and idiotic" conversation between two young men, who were "the world of these bizarre theories about the Columbine massacre."

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