Tuesday , June 22 2021

Activision links links to voice actor Call of Duty Ghost after comments on misogyny • Eurogamer.net

“In 2021, misogyny has no place.”

Activision has severed ties with voice actor Call of Duty: Modern Warfare’s Ghost Jeff Leach after distributing a video that collected his comments to misogynists.

The montage, which was shared online by streamers in response to Leach’s derogatory remarks, is described as “serious personified intrusive sexism” and shows that Leach uses obscene and aggressive language as well as personal insults.

“In 2021, misogyny has no place,” the caption reads. “Yet female gamers are regularly subjected to sexist violence,” and continues to believe that since Leach at the time of writing remains a partner in Facebook games, “doesn’t that mean that Facebook’s affiliation is in tune with what is being said?”

The first of the three tweets is embedded below. In light of the language used, the opinion of the audience is recommended.

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According to CharlieIntel (via Resetera), Activision is severing ties with Leach. A company statement said: “Sexism has no place in our industry, games and society. Activision no longer works with Jeff Leach.

“We strongly condemn these statements. We strive to provide a fun and safe experience for all players.”

Leach himself responded to the video calling it’s a “deliberate killing of a character,” and when challenged about his behavior, he said he “mocked the hated and toxic troll who came to my community chat to attack me and my community,” and he “did the same the most with people who think internet trolling and toxic behavior are smart. I’m a comic committee. You’ve done this gender issue and taken it out of context. “

“It goes without saying, but the one who sends the threats is not a representative of me and my community, and I do not confirm that it is (sic) anyway,” he added. Twitter.

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