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Best Performance for each character, how to build a better party and the licensing board Zodiac explained •


As you already know, this is Final Fantasy 12 Zodiac Age reprint based on the Japanese version of the «International System Works Zodiac", which differs from the original version in several key areas.

The most characteristic, of course, for major repairs of the license system. Characters now have a choice permanant class, known as Zodiac Job system, and within these jobs License Board available, which has a variety of upgrades, including a new gambits for your character.

Like everyone else, we will take you through Best Performance for each sign – although it is far less important than you think.

On this page:

That's a lot to digest at first, so we'll explain everything you need to know that here on this page. For Final Fantasy 12, although aid is required to look at our Final Fantasy 12 Zodiac Age Guide and walkthrough, too.

Zodiac Work and License Board explained – what class you should choose in Final Fantasy 12?

After the Zodiac Job System and licenses are unlocked in the game, each time a new person joins your party, you will be able to assign them jobs.

Final Fantasy 12 gives you the opportunity to look at what is on each side, before making a decision, but note that once you have assigned one, you're stuck with it forever – if you do not play on the switches and Xbox One – way in to the early stages of the game, you may want to wait until then, until you have settled on the style of the game.

Twelve works corresponding to the twelve signs of the zodiac.

If a new member joins your party, they will come with armor and weapons that suggest their alleged role of "default" – Bash has a sword, Fran in a bow, etc. – but you are free to ignore it and give them something else to do .

At the same time, it is advisable not to stray too far from their intended work – while you can do bash a White Mage, he has more than the HP base, so it is best suited for melee characters.

However, when it comes time to add a second license (after defeating Belias to receive their first Esper), the argument can be made for the appointment of people "wrong" class as a way of evening out of the party and prevents you expect too much one single character : melee on the basis of the job have more HP bonuses available on their boards, which you can use to tighten your magicians, and adding some magical skills melee fighter means that they will still have some used in situations where a physical fight is not an option. more on this below in more detail.

Theoretically, there are more than five trillion combinations is available when you create your party of characters and their various sign works, so obviously we will not list them all, but here's an overview of each type:

worktype of attackarmorweaponbest Usesproposed symbols
archerRangedlightbowsFight the enemies in the air.Fran
black magemagicmysticheadquartersEnemies of elemental weaknesses.el
BushesmeleemysticKatanasClose quarters, fast attack against slow enemies or weak physical protection.Vaan
Ninja swords
Close quarters, tank alternatives with high evasion.Vaan
white magemagicmysticrodsHealing and defensive magic, at least one is important to you hand.el
lancermeleeheavySpearsTanking and heavy damage.Vaan
lightGuns for ranged
Measures to-hand
Flexibility in choosing melee or ranged. Please note that the loss of weapons, does not scale statistics, but the measures are not flat damage, regardless of the opponent's defense statistics.Fran
red Battlemagemelee
mysticshockYou can only throw low level spells, but it is useful as a back support for your White Mage.el
Well, as a tank or by DPS, and a good choice for beginners because of the vitality.Vaan
monkmeleelightPolesHigh health and elimination means that it can serve as a reservoir. Can fight without weapons.Vaan
time BattlemageRangedheavycrossbowsBoth the support and damage dealing spells useful for applying effects and damage state for a long time.el
Excellent tanking and DPS operates as a protection against high enemies.Vaan

Best Zodiac Work for each character in Final Fantasy 12

This is a common question, but there are so many aspects that actually It affects the performance of the character when it comes to choosing a job for each of them, so it's not something to worry about too much.

Instead, it is more than just a case bearing one or two minor factors in mind, and then to build them as you please. Community over at GameFAQs did a decent job (pun intended half) to assume the best, but then again there's really no hard and fast rules. Given all of this in mind, here's what you should consider when choosing a job for your character:

For more help with? Final Fantasy 12? Our Final Fantasy 12 Zodiac Age guide, walkthrough, switch and Xbox contrast gives an overview of the game to get you started. Elsewhere, there is our strategy and hidden places Espers and Elite dogs and Marks of the page to get the best Zodiac Work for each character, tips for LP farmers with jelly, and even how to get the Zodiac Spear.

How to build the best party in Final Fantasy 12 Zodiac Age

In the early stages of the game, you will have only three characters to choose from, but later you will get a big list of 6, from which you can assemble a team of three people to explore with, and it is important for the spread of the different classes, so that you can cover all the bases.

There's no "right" way to do it, and the choice of optimal Party as much art ten science, but here are some tips:

Also note that while you will probably end up with three "Favorites" in your party, it is important to give each airing; Characters earn LP, to unlock new abilities, even if you are not using them, but EXP gained only active members of the party, so that anyone entirely accustomed to will end up a bit scarce in HP stakes and are likely to be destroyed immediately if you find you need to call on them later in the game.

How to change the Zodiac Work and classes in Final Fantasy 12

Exclusively on the switch and Xbox One TV version of Final Fantasy 12 & # 39 is the ability to change your selection and Zodiac working class after you set them the first time.

In order to change your choice of assignments of the zodiac, and then visit the Montblanc (Centurio Clan leader and where to get Marks) in Rabanastre.


Then, select "I want to change the licensing board", the character of your choice.


Now to set up and adjust to your heart's content!

The best choice license License Board

There are many things to choose from for each board, and it can be a little overwhelming to know where the best place to invest your points, but instead point the specifics, we offer a general rule of thumb, that puts a little bit of everything and keep the board balanced.


The other main point to note reagarding your choice license & # 39 is that, bcause the highest level of weapons, armor, spells, tactics and accessories to unlock only as we move through the story, there is no advantage, for example, receive the Sword of license 5, when the shops are still selling only the third level of weapon.

In this situation, you should instead put these items into something more useful immediately and avoid focusing too much on one type of renovation.

Gambit and Gambit License explained

Gambit is a list of commands you can assign the members of your group that they will stick to the battle; list has priority from top to bottom, so that every time it is their "turn", they start at the top, until they find a matching condition, and then perform an action that will be shown. In the early stages of the game you will have a limit on the slush and options available to you, but most conditions can take the form of vendor worldwide, and additional slots can be unlocked by the license fee.


For the most part you are free to assign whatever you want, but for some battles you can add or delete certain things for security – for example, if you have a black magician to settle the matter of fire damage to the nearest visible enemy, and you are fighting the fire on the basis of opponent, you want to turn it off – otherwise it will be a hindrance rather than a help.

we recommend always having someone in your party has a "self-portrait: Balance" as the first entry gambit to give you an edge in battle and highlight traps as you wander around, and at least one member of the group must have "Allie: Cure / Cura», their top priority. If you set the threshold for the healing of this gambit it depends on how much HP and MP on the map; casting it too early can spend the MP, but leave it too late can mean that by the time he was thrown into the intended recipient was already dead.

That's it for Zodiac Works license and gambits, but take a look at our Final Fantasy 12 Zodiac Age Guide and the passing game much more!

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