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Boyz N Hood director John Singleton be removed life support | film


The family of the Oscar-nominated director John Singleton has stated that he will be removed life support on Monday.

Boyz N the writer-director Hood, 51, was struck sur & # 39; severe blow earlier this month, and kept in the intensive care unit until now.

"With a heavy heart we announce that our beloved son, father and friend, John Daniel Singleton livelihood today will be charged," representative of the family & # 39;., And said in a statement the term "It was a painful decision, one that our family & # 39; I did for a few days, with careful advice of a doctor, John. "

The statement also includes Singleton combat hypertension, stating that over 40% of African American men and women, also have high blood pressure, urging others to be aware of the symptoms.

In a statement, calling him "prolific, innovative director who changed the game and opened the door to Hollywood," a reminder that Singleton grew up in South Central, just a few miles.

With his debut film Boyz N the Hood, Singleton became the youngest director and the first African-American writer and filmmaker nominated for a best director Oscar. His other films included Poetic Justice, Higher Education remake of Shaft, 2 Fast 2 Furious and Four Brothers. More recently, Singleton was a writer, director and producer of the series snowfall.

"John was a supernova in his youth, that we forget that he is only beginning to fully claim their gifts as a director," it said in a statement his family & # 39;. And "Kurosawa was 52 when he was sent to High Low Hitchcock was 56. when he sent to Catch a thief. as much as we appreciate his body of work, we look forward to John to make a film in the coming years. "

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