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BT launch of the new Smart Hub broadband router 2, and full Wi-Fi

BT Smart Hub Router 2 Front

After several months of testing the UK ISP BT tomorrow morning about the & # 39; to reveal the launch of its new Smart Hub 2 (SH2) super-fast wireless broadband router, which is complemented by "warranty coverage"To deliver strong WiFi signals through your home through a new"Full Wi-Fi"The decision.

original Smart Hub launched in 2016 (here), and while it was pretty great piece of kit for the complete device, boasting a top theoretical wireless speeds of up to 1917Mbps (2,4 GHz and 5 GHz), in combination with 7 antennas, Gigabit Ethernet (LAN ports ) and various other functions. Since then, also had slightly different option for FTTP subscribers and therefore Smart Hub X for (here) users.

Similarly, the new Smart Hub 2 Router has been designed with the latest generation "superfast broadband»(FTTP and services in mind though that the speed of Wi-Fi in 5GHz with a & # 39 is another 1733Mbps and thus seems to SH1 (we do not know the speed of 2.4 GHz so far). As might be expected, that the new router also features Gigabit LAN ports and integrates ADSL2 +, VDSL2 and modem (as before, there is another option for FTTP, which exchanges one LAN to the WAN port).

In addition BT also choose to send it to FXS port (Phone), which will be useful for VoIP calls. The latter is particularly important in light of the rapid arrival wholesale Sogea (Stand-alone broadband) services, which should run through Openreach next year. "Discs 2 and Smart Hub Wi-Fi in the future equipped with the device for the delivery of superfast speeds, full Wi-Fi and digital voice, "Said BT.

BT Smart Hub router and WiFi repeater full disk

The new router also launched together with Set BT Wi-Fi a service that will be attached to him the prize "BT Plus"Packages (should be further £ 5 per month), Which aims to "warranty"You are a strong WiFi signal"in every room"About your house & # 39; yadnavshy in SH2 with WiFi speed up disk (for example, you'll get with repeaters BT Total Home Wi-Fi kit).

The disc itself remains the property of BT but Hub becomes yours, so as soon as you get it. However, if one disk is not sufficient to achieve this result, then BT will throw in another at no additional cost (up to a maximum of 3 discs), and if it does not deliver coverage of each individual room, then the credit bill of £ 20 will be offered.

As a result of all this, BT claims that "a four-bedroom house can see an increase in Wi-Fi with a speed of up to 25% around the house with just one disc".

Marc Allera, CEO of BT consumer business, said:

"A strong, reliable Wi-Fi has never been so important at home, with seven & # 39; families more connected devices and wishing to make the most out of each room in the house. We are the first broadband provider in the world to launch a full guarantee of Wi-Fi, so that customers can get online from anywhere in your home.

Or & # 39 is this transformation of the attic online game room for children or make a spare room into a home gym, where you can listen to music or work with video, our unique full Wi-Fi opens up a world of possibilities for our clients. "

BT Basic Functions for Smart Hub 2 and Wi-Fi drive

• Intelligent design
about Smart Hub 2 includes seven antennas in a unique position to maximize the performance of Wi-fi
a Wi-Fi disc with 4 antenna capable of operating at a frequency of 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz simultaneously to provide a high speed regardless of the device

• Better Wi-Fi technology – the latest Wi-Fi technology provides a greater number of devices can get ultra-fast connection at the same time

• Selecting smart channel – all your devices automatically connect to the fastest Wi-Fi channel and frequency available on the hub or disk

• Intelligent Scanning – continuously scans to see how well your hub and network connections are made and restarts when there is a problem.

• Wi-Fi application manager: Customers can manage their Wi-Fi network, see "Your Wi-Fi network» My BT application to make sure that they get the strongest signal around your home. This will work even where they should put their Wi-Fi drive and check the strength of Wi-Fi signal in every guestroom.

The new kit can partly be seen as a reaction to new TalkTalk in Wi-Fi-hubs (Here) and monster from Vodafone GigaFast Router for FTTP (here). Separately, Sky Broadband due to the launch of the new router in the near future and Virgin Media, Hub 4.0 (Probably based on the 3.1 capable Gigabit Connect Box Liberty Global unit, DOCSIS), no doubt follow in the not too distant future, although we still do not know exactly how they will be compared.

Meanwhile, someone hoping to see the bleeding edge of the support for the latest 802.11ax WiFi standard (10G), and capable of encrypting wireless WPA3 (here), may have to wait another year or two for the next round of the main router is refreshing. Currently, both standards are still in their infancy, and most of the supports (not a project) kit is not surface until late 2019.

Complete Wi-Fi Smart Hub and Disc 2 Product Specification

Smart Hub 2 Wi-Fi drive
Support for fiber yes yes
modem; ADSL, ADSL2, VDSL2, G.FAST N / A
supported access methods ADSL, VDSL (FTTC), Ethernet WAN (FTTP), G.FAST Compatibility with smart Hub 2
802.11b support yes yes
802.11g standard support yes yes
802.11n support yes yes
802.11ac support yes yes
claimed speed Gigabit Ethernet LAN Gigabit Ethernet LAN
VoIP / DECT / Voice yes N / A
Complete Wi-Fi Enabled yes yes
WPA-Auto yes yes
WPA2 yes yes
firewall yes yes
WPS yes yes
size 254mm width x 157mm height x depth 30 mm Diameter 165 mm depth x 36mm
antenna 7 Wi-Fi 4 Wi-Fi (simultaneous dual-band)
2 DECT antenna
Internal / external antennas internal internal
Number of WAN ports FTTP hub only (3 x GigE LAN, 1WAN FTTP) n / a
Gigabit Ethernet Ports 4 x Gigabit Ethernet LAN 1 x Gigabit Ethernet LAN
Ethernet connection speed 10/100 / 1000Mbit / a 10/100 / 1000Mbit / a
other ports USB 2.0, DSL, FXS (Phone) n / a
Dual-Band Wireless (2,4 GHz and 5 GHz) yes yes
2.4 3 x 3 MIMO-11n 2.4 4 × 4 MIMO-11n
5GHz 4 × 4 MIMO-11ac 5GHz 4 × 4 MIMO-11ac
smart scan yes yes
Intelligent wireless modes yes yes
airtime fairness yes yes
BT Wi-Fi (Openzone) yes NO
WPS yes yes
DECT CATiq 2,1 yes NO

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