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Comment: Elizabeth Holmes defrauded investors. Why we are obsessed with their appearance?


These two things can be true at the same time: that Elizabeth Holmes, founder of faulty medical testing company Theranos and dark hero of a new HBO documentary "Inventor: Blood Gone in Silicon Valley," probably lied to investors and the public seems to be a terrible person and deserves a long imprisonment.

And what is its scope – who commands, in recent days, parts and segments in the New Yorker, most of the major newspapers, Vanity Fair, BuzzFeed, CNN, ABC's «Nightline», «The View» and dozens of other outlets – was incredible, skivichna- droopingly sexist.

I'm not a person who writes frequently about gender discrimination, or even see him much. But I can not get rid of emphasis on body language and appearance of Holmes.

"It's hard to say what physical attributes founder Theranos Elizabeth Holmes stand out the most: her neck, her Ginormous, unblinking, her Perma-red lips," writes Vanity Fair.

Vox said that Holmes "dubious personal style."

Yahoo quotes image consultant who suggested that "it is almost like she is trying to assert their dominance through this intensive, alpha makeup."

There is a tension between what many of us say that we want (indeed equal treatment of women in the media, in the workplace and in public life) and the fact that we seem to be almost irresistible attracted (sensational deconstruction appearance prostitute – and, accordingly, its psychological pathology). If you think that the fixation on physical appearance Holmes simply a consequence of how absurd story Theranos is, think again.

The collapse of the festival Fyre was rich history. So was the collapse of Paul Manafort. So the ongoing drama with & # 39 is the «Pharma Bro» Martin Shkreli. But none of these stories of scoundrels men are not subjected to anything close analysis of facial expressions, clothing, personal care and potential mental illness, writers and analysts, aimed at Holmes.

A middle part of the assumed path of Holmes' eyelids were wide open with a relaxed forehead … This is a huge red flag, "alarm" deception. "

Rolling Stone roundup of eight "most shocking details" from the "inventor" stated that "Elizabeth Holmes Sun flashes."

Inc., a business magazine, says that its use "slimming lenses to make her neck look thinner" in the photographs was a sign that she is a sociopath. Vox picked apart her "embarrassing dark, often slightly oblique make-up," and Refinery 29 – which is about the & # 39; manifests itself "the world's leading media company, focused on young women," – suggested the analyst, who coined the term "toxic people" to note that blue eyes Holmes & # 39 are "fascinating, and she took advantage of this." in a separate piece, factory 29, called it "the robot in a black blazer … not even her [blond] real hair ".

Is this a joke? About 70 percent of American women color their hair. Although perhaps only 5 percent of white American women, naturally blond hair, almost 50 percent of women executives with a & # 39 are blondes. In 2016, Inc. said to the women: "If you crave a leading position … you have to dye your hair blonde." (The analyst, who cautions readers that look Holmes stated she was "very sociopath" as a blonde.)

As for the "uncomfortable" dark makeup Holmes, North America accounted for 25 percent of global sales of cosmetics. Mascara with & # 39 is the second highest after the seller in cosmetics foundation. Most American women wear it.

So nothing about Holmes are not very abnormal because she allegedly made the exception.

Nevertheless, of all the discoveries «Bad Blood» bestseller John Carreyrou over the alleged fraud Theranos, one of the few lines that made it into the quartz, Rolling Stone, Wired and Refinery 29 was that "the way [Holmes] trained her big blue eyes on you. ,, It was almost hypnotic. "This image of Holmes, and focus on its appearance, with a & # 39; appeared in the liberal media, which have initiated shocks more equitable, less nitpicky or grotesque treatment of women. The same publication that criticized Holmes "dubious personal style" has also condemned the "fixing" of the country or "obsession [the] On the & # 39; emergence of the "women in public life.

It is a disservice, because the story contains a wide Theranos indictment of Silicon Valley and the American culture hidden behind the alleged fixing roundabout psychology Holmes. Netflix and Hulu recently released exposes documentaries about Billy McFarland, the fraudster behind the failed festival Fyre. But McFarland still comes off as a man, a guy who could have gotten over his head – and who shares the blame with many others.

Holmes treatment makes this conclusion is impossible. This helps people who helped or supported Bill Clinton, Joe Biden, Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton's former top aide, former Secretary of State George Shultz, Henry Kissinger, Errol Morris, Stanford professors and several former employees of Apple. If we were to distribute the blame here, we would have much less characters. So we say, instead, that she put a spell on her man's purpose, who have been victims.

When I was born, in 1983, a family friend & # 39; and warned against their parents call me Eve. He argued that Americans basically was still Puritan, Calvinist streak that associated with the name of Eve from wickedness, deceit, cunning and sin. Eve was the archetypal seductive destroyer. Art historian Christopher Witcombe wrote that Eve is portrayed in Western art as "evil, disloyal, untrustworthy, lying, seductive and motivated … Purely personal interests." "You do not believe that you are one of the & # 39 is Eva?" Early Christian theologian Tertullian taught woman. "You're the one who opened the door to d & # 39; yablu. You are the one who first plucked the fruit of the forbidden tree. "Adam, in this interpretation, it was obvious just bumbler and klutz. In many western art images Eves who takes an apple from the tree of knowledge, Adam drawn aside, dozing.

Approach "inventor" for men is largely based on this parable. Holmes Partner, Ramesh «Sunny» Balwani, is virtually nonexistent. What is his life story? That his staff think of him? Or & # 39 he is a sociopath? New Yorker journalist Ken Auletta also & # 39 is in the film as a wise ex-post facto guide to the drama, even though were partly responsible for the scam, as a respectable reporter who gave Theranos cravings publishing long, largely asset cost the company in 2014.

Rupert Murdoch and other investors who download millions Theranos, even after a & # 39 there was proof that could give them no doubt, not a & # 39 is in the film. Kissinger, who sat on the board Theranos & # 39; S, with the & # 39 is only a record that says nothing about his motivation and influence, but shows him struggling to control your computer – a dumb but cute! Schultz, a former diplomat who actually took Holmes and defended it against his own grandson. But the film redeems it at the end, when we were told that he finally woke up to the real nature of Holmes. All of these people & # 39 Adam are: dormant during the commission of a crime and therefore excusable.

Holmes has nothing to do with the courageous women who came forward in the movement #MeToo. But the male figure in the narrative Theranos there are whole lot in common with men as enemies # METOO often represent them – the unfortunate prey, taken for a ride by an opportunist or a seductress.

I asked myself many times, with a & # 39; advent #MeToo, whether men really are now more limited in their social behavior than women. I'm socially permitted, under the current circumstances, to say things like "I hate men" on Facebook, do not jeopardize your car & # 39; career and reputation. I can say out loud, "God, people are terrible," and get nods of approval even from men. If a person says that in the locker room, that "women are terrible", though, the Gillette tells us that the other guys have to call him.

Even this change, though, admits the man imperfection. So, #MeToo believes that male pen force can not offend them wrongdoing in the world. But to say "Men are terrible" is also, in a sense, to say: "It is understandable that people can be horrible." Distorted, deceitful, power-hungry woman has a surprise – a grim fascination. That aberrant. Something's not even human beings. Witch.

During the witches of Salem in colonial America, the magistrates called for researchers and the public to scrutinize the female body for "witch marks". "Witch Hunter" shaved unwell woman – some of them are really naughty – so that every part of their bodies can be examined to identify evil. Presumably, claw d & # 39; the devil has marked these women as his own. This may take the form of any imperfections: warts, moles, scars, skin marks, even death from injuries or diseases.

It is significant that these kinds of physical disabilities, women were considered to be indicators of their power. It was important for the colonists to assign great power "witches", because it allowed them to turn from their own shortcomings. Early America was clearly utopian project. There were so many hopes, and, therefore, so many failures, ill omen and disappointment. We are still idealists and Silicon Valley with a & # 39 is the epicenter of this.

How different analysts who profess to know the psychology Holmes (based on intensive study of her age and her hand gestures) from the witch hunters? Holmes carefully, above all, as a creature, unlike the rest of us – that is very different from how Billy McFarland, or even, frankly, Harvey Weinstein were treated.

Most people diagnose it is to know that many women feel pressured to go blond and fight to keep their makeup to look good. But it is somehow impossible to believe that Holmes makeup eye does not look great because it was not great in its application. It is impossible to imagine that she went blonde, because she did not want her brown hair. It is impossible to think that she wore black turtlenecks every day because she was happy, the teachers and magazines to take "uniform style", which is currently with the & # 39 is common in fashion. It is impossible to think that it is experiencing, legally, that a higher-pitched voice will hamper its prospects.

Women are strongly encouraged all the time to do a lot of things that we find so strange to Holmes to go blonde, perfect smoky eye, take a more masculine tones. But Holmes is supposed to have done these things with malicious intent, as part of its magic on everyone around her.

In McFarland, we allowed ourselves to believe that our modern snake oil salesmen as a & # 39 are victims of the most culture. In Holmes, we allow ourselves to peer into pure evil. All that seems a little strange about it, physically, with the & # 39 is a sign of its internal problems. Nothing wrong with what happened in the surrounding area was its design, proof of the failure of a giant sun a group of people, but the evil cunning and strength of a woman. In other words: It is our witch, and for our old-fashioned pleasure, we are burning it.

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