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Countryfile spectators in hectic over dress meteorologists Chris Fawkes | TV and radio | Show business and television


Meteorologist Chris Fox presented Countryfile weather report today, but the audience noticed that something was wrong.

It comes as supporters of the BBC program have noticed a meteorologist at the show can often be seen sporting a plaid shirt.

However, Chris was dressed in a simple blue shirt and viewers were quick to point this out.

Viewers took to Twitter to a question about a meteorologist about where his checked shirt and the official Twitter account show even got involved.

"Not checked shirt? #Countryfile," one said.

Another questioned: "Where is your checked shirt, sir? #countryfile 5 day forecast. "

"Do not check for this shirt – and he did not even bother to roll up their sleeves – !. Lazy g ** … # countryfile, "joked a third.

The fourth said: "No @_chrisfawkes no idea when it comes to #Countryfile shirt!"

"Where can I check SHIRT @BBCCountryfile #countryfile #CheckedShirt #Weatherman," fifth thought before receiving a response from the official Countryfile account.

The answer was: "The strength of wardrobe malfunction Ellie. Memo will be sent. "

Nevertheless, it was clear that the whole fiasco was all in good fun.

Today's program saw the speaker, exploring different parts of Surrey as read the official synopsis: «Countryfile studies Surrey, where Matt Baker meets the women who inspired generations of environmentalists.

"Helen Skelton visits biodynamic vineyard, John Craven learns how best to go about saving pigs, Steve Brown unearths the story Surrey landscape through the sculpture, Adam learns that Brexit means for our farmers, and Tom looks at whether a favorite of UK meat can – or should – ever antibiotic free. "

Meanwhile Heap investigated the use of antibiotics on poultry farms in the UK.

Presenter helps in the investigation by the BBC show that naked hundreds of tons of antibiotics used in the production of chicken UK.

He comes following complaints from the industry that they have reduced their use by 82 percent in order to combat antimicrobial resistance (AMR).

Poultry farmers claimed the British Council to reduce the overall use of antibiotics by 81 tonnes to just over 14 tons per year during the past six years.

Nevertheless, the program has found this figure does not include 281 tons of antibiotics, known as ionophores.

AMR campaigners said that these constitute a danger to human health and the environment.

Countryfile continues on Sunday at BBC One.

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