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Extraterrestrial life on Mars Proof? NASA Spirit Rover found "alien UFO base" on the Red Planet | surprising news


One of the two routers, sent in 2003 to search for signs of past life on Mars, NASA's Spirit is superior to its original 90-day mission. Among its impressive discoveries Spirit found evidence that Mars ever wet than it is today, and helped scientists better understand the Martian wind. However, a prominent conspiracy theorist about the life of an alien believes that the US space agency Spirit Rover, may have stumbled onto something even more incredible – evidence of alien life on Mars.

Scott Waring took on his blog talk about the anomaly of Mars.

He wrote: "I have found this structure in 2011. The structure is adjacent to the engine NASA Spirit and looks about 1.5 meters.

"The structure is not similar to its surroundings: it is black and smooth, but all around it, bright and dirty.

"That tells me that this structure, which is still in use."

Waring continues, it is suspected a cover for NASA.

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He wrote: "What is surprising is that the Spirit Rover photographed only on the & # 39; object.

"Why? I mean, it's right there, and it is simply not possible to miss.

"So maybe they saw it, but it is thought that this picture will never be transferred to the public."

Metadata in the figure indicate that it was taken by the Spirit Sol 1353.

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Video Waring quickly gained a lot of comments on it YOuTube channel.

User YouTube UFO SHILL commented: "The decline of such a structure looks suspicious. It looks like a typical NASA "cures."

"They do this to prevent obvious intellectually built structures. Good job, Scott!

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And Chemyngs Ross added: "I do not" surprise "that NASA chooses not to investigate … after all, Mars & # 39 is" desert ", and we only" lunatics "suggest otherwise !!!"

In May 2009, NASA Spirit engine was embedded in soft soil on the site called "Troy", where only five working wheels, which help in the rescue.

After several months of testing and carefully orchestrated maneuvers NASA ceased efforts to free the rover, and finally committed suicide mission to Mars Spirit May 25, 2011.

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