Monday , April 12 2021

Foreigner: Blackout game show similar to The Game Awards – PC – News

There are signs that the new The foreign game for PC and consoles with a & # 39 is the incubation. Last week, the various gaming sites have noticed that 20th Century Fox has registered a trademark for more optionally & # 39; Revealed video game called Alien: Blackout. This news is condensed well with foreign subjects Twitter tease by The Game Awards chief Geoff Keighley.

Twitter does not tease out & # 39 is obvious. Keighley tweeted about The Game Awards, taking place on Thursday 6th December, and general text and graphic writing with the "world will change." Member Twitterers pointed out that an evil corporation that seeks to profit from Xenomorphs films, Weyland-Yutani, used the same font as a graphic message Keighley and similar slogan; "To build the world's best."

Adding fuel to the above, in the well-known developer Hideo Kojima games last week posted photos of his visit to Fox Studios, posing next to the alien memorabilia. The official price of Game Awards twitter in response that "the world will change."

Earlier today, Eurogamer shared his thoughts about the development of new alien games. Gaming magazine believes that this game will be developed by US studio called Cold Iron, bought Twentieth Century Fox FoxNext subsidiary and founded by former members of Cryptic Studios (Neverwinter, City of Heroes) a couple of years ago.

If you are on the head of the studio website Cold Iron, you will see that the landing page entitled "We rented" and one of the revolving banner pictures have a head and shoulders shot of the aliens. A bit of text on the same page confirms that the San Jose-based studio "Works on the new PC and console shooter based on the Alien franchise." Eurogamer also notes that in early 2018 the president of the studio FoxNext Aaron Loeb said his firm is pleased to work with a cold iron "Because they create a futuristic persistent world, immersed in the mystery of the beloved alien universe."

The Game Awards set starts 6th December, but due to the time difference, that is likely to be 7th here in the UK, where all strangers news outlets.

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