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Galaxy Note 9 update – Samsung PHABLET can be installed most controversial change for him ever


Galaxy Note 9 debuted last August, and it is expected his successor, presumably called Galaxy Note 10, will be available around the same time in 2019.

It was suggested Galaxy Note 9 will receive signals from the design of a series of Samsung Galaxy S10.

This means that the apparatus may possibly reduce its frame, has an improved camera system and put his fingerprint sensor under his display.

He expects the Galaxy Note 10 will be similar to the interior of Galaxy S10, which is powered by its own Exynos 9820 processor from either Samsung or Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 company last depending on the region, it is sold in.

SamMobile has reported 10 Galaxy Note will sport four cameras on its back, similar to what is already present on the 5G model S10.

Unfortunately, discharge sources are not discussed what can be the purpose of each of the & # 39; lens.

S10 5G is supplied with the same standard, telephoto and wide-angle cameras as the standard S10 and S10 +.

Nevertheless, the machine is equipped with an additional module of the time of flight (TOF) on the rear panel that can be used to further refine portraits and mode of augmented reality (AR).

When you add a camera to photograph a series of improvements Note, of course, it will be appreciated by fans of Samsung, the new version of the flagship PHABLET also rumored to make two contradictory changes.

First of all, the report from the & # 39; appeared in October with Korean ETNews publications that reported Samsung considering withdrawing headphone jacks on the Galaxy Note 10.

If this is true, it will make the new flagship of Samsung PHABLET first come, without the port.

All four models of Galaxy S10 has 3.5millimetre times & # 39; the volume of the audio.

If true, such a change would certainly be controversial for Android fans, who love to listen to music with the wired headset.

Although the adapter or USB-C pair of headphones can be used to get around the removal of headphone jacks, this means that it is not possible for users to listen to music and charge your device at the same time, if they do not last wireless,

ETNews more recent report suggested that Note 10 can also come without any physical buttons at all.

Instead, it was noted, the phone can use gestures and sensors to perform functions such as blocking and changes & # 39; medium volume.

Korean outlet Add a comment 10 may not be the first device to come without the traditional buttons.

It was noted series Samsung, A smartphone receive changes to the first structure.

The absence of the traditional buttons, of course, come to the concerns of some Android fans who have become accustomed to the traditional keys.

While rumors suggest some huge changes in store for the Galaxy Note 10, it should not notice anything about the device has been officially confirmed by Samsung.

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